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Taking Great Digital Photos

By: Corinne Porter | Jan 7, 2014 This article has several great pointers to learn how to take great digital photos.

Best Ways To Convert A Photo To Oil Painting

By: Jianyin Liu | Jan 6, 2014 There are many raison d'être for people’s altering their photos to oil painting and there are two ways, through which, you can get your images converted. Let us know more about it.

How Art Classes Encourage The Hidden Talent In Your Kids

By: Dena Lester | Dec 25, 2013 Art classes can be defined as special creativity classes or programs that are popular in our community so that creative children can healthily engage in self-expression. Such programs teach children techniques of drawing and painting.

Factors to Consider in Choosing the Right Type of Camera

By: nidhi nandi | Dec 23, 2013 Choosing the ideal camera for you can be a difficult decision considering that today the market is flooded with endless options. If you are considering buying a new camera, as a beginner or as an existing professional, make sure to consider the following factors.

Cut Out a Pic and Make it into a Gift Item!

By: Atiqur Sumon | Dec 18, 2013 Gifting photo frames is passé. Today with image editing it is possible to gift photos that look like mini sculptures! If you were looking for the next birthday gift this would be a useful idea.

Compatibility Helps Vector Art to be a Useful Application

By: Rokaiya Yeasmin Munni | Dec 11, 2013 Some talented vector artists keep secrets of their work. But some do share them for others. Common to all is the compatibility of this application. And for the rest of the tips read on…

Understanding the Concept of Mirror Effect in Photo Editing

By: Atiqur Sumon | Nov 29, 2013 Our emotions are reflected in pictures. And the same can also be virtually created with the mirror effect. It is a simple process not requiring too many changes in the picture.

Top 5 Music Recording Software Solutions For Beginners

By: nathenallis | Nov 27, 2013 A large number of people adhere to technology, thinking that it really does a whole lot to set them apart from others. This is true to a certain extent.

How to Remove the Drop Shadow from a Graphic

By: Atiqur Sumon | Nov 23, 2013 There are many ways of doing the drop shadow effect. But is there a way to remove it if it is not required? This is how it can be done.

Hollywood Films and Their Promotional Tactics

By: Chetan Mahore | Nov 22, 2013 Why take the conventional way when you can carve your own niche! Your style is your statement. Choose it with conviction.
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