Wildlife Photography Tips

By: Sadie Hawkins | May 14, 2014 Before you start - check the weather forecast and prepare accordingly. Think about waterproofs (for you and your camera) or sun-block and a lens hood for the summer days.

The Benefits to Hire a Wedding Planner

By: Roger Smiths | Apr 17, 2014 Marriage is the largest in the life of a family event. It is a lot of planning to make the day memorable and perfect. Let see how to make this day one of the most perfect one.

What You Will Need For Outdoor Motorsports Photography

By: Jet M. Perreault | Mar 11, 2014 Adventurous photography needs equipment that can hold up to the test and there are plenty of options available.

Taking Great Digital Photos

By: Corinne Porter | Jan 7, 2014 This article has several great pointers to learn how to take great digital photos.

Factors to Consider in Choosing the Right Type of Camera

By: nidhi nandi | Dec 23, 2013 Choosing the ideal camera for you can be a difficult decision considering that today the market is flooded with endless options. If you are considering buying a new camera, as a beginner or as an existing professional, make sure to consider the following factors.

How to Remove the Drop Shadow from a Graphic

By: Atiqur Sumon | Nov 23, 2013 There are many ways of doing the drop shadow effect. But is there a way to remove it if it is not required? This is how it can be done.

Using Trick Of Light Camera Flashes

By: TracyWhite | Nov 14, 2013 As one of the most useful DSLR accessories, camera flash is widely used in various areas. You can easily find a list of advantages: small size, varieties specifics, light weight, soften light, change lighting way, needless cable, etc.

Photography Bag is More Important than You Think

By: TracyWhite | Sep 23, 2013 Many photographers especially the freshmen are very casual in choosing bag. Some of them are only focusing on capacity and appearance. What they wanted is just putting all the equipments into the bag; Some of them always purchase the cheapest one; or even some take the usual bags to replace the professional one.

You Retouch Pictures, Which have been Shot Underwater?

By: Atiqur Sumon | Sep 10, 2013 Underwater photography is an exciting hobby for some. And for some diving down and taking pictures is a professional job. And how does one retouch underwater shots?

Buying Electronics Products Online

By: Jacob Marley | Aug 20, 2013 Anybody can be a photographer these days. Online cameras have created catching images a lot easier via reliable alternatives. Movie might get revealed and is often costly to pay for and create while digital photography has created it as easy as point, capture, publish. With the progression of technological innovation the globe has become an international town wherein everybody is linked with each
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