The Huge Benefits of Belt-Drive Cycle Technology

By: Stephen Bailey | Jun 15, 2012 It's been a feature of a number of of the ranges introduced lately by some of the world's foremost bike companies that the top-of-the-range designs have featured a belt drive instead of the conventional chain - a significant departure from the tried-and-trusted.

Cycling Products from Magicshine

By: Kelly Elmore | May 29, 2012 If you are new to riding or fancy a change in accessories, choosing a Magicshine light will be one of the best decisions you make. Not only will this high quality bike light keep you visible and safe, it will enhance your riding experience a whole lot more than you think.

How to Use Fixed Gear Bikes

By: Cedric Loiselle | May 28, 2012 There are a lot of things that people can do with a fixed gear bike. For one, most mailman and newspaper boys use this, because it doesn’t require a lot of mechanical parts and maintenance. If you are going to use this, you don’t have to worry too much about repairs.

Fake Passport: How to Find a Fake Passport Simply and Effortlessly

By: robert Smith | May 20, 2012 Quality Fake Birth Certificate can help you to get the identification you need, or just play a prank on your friends! There are many reasons why you might want a professional looking, undetectable fake birth certificate and at

The Differences Between BMW Bikes and Standard Bikes

By: Marcia Dale | May 16, 2012 There are many differences between BMW bikes and standard bikes. However, before going into them it's worth noting that the most obvious difference is in pricing. You see, BMW has never marketed anything they manufacture at a bargain price.

Different Types Of Bicycle Trips

By: Bikepathcountry | May 16, 2012 In United States, bicycle tours also known as bike trips, bike packing or bike travels have become very popular and its popularity is increasing continuously.

Bicycle Lights and Top Places cycle in the UK

By: Kelly Elmore | May 15, 2012 In the UK, cycling is one of the most popular summer activities and the use of bicycle lights should not be overlooked. There are a number of important reasons why people go cycling in the summer, and one of the key reasons is out of pure enjoyment.

Know more on Bikes Maintenance Tips

By: Azharhmc | May 12, 2012 Most people normally assume that maintaining a bike is a walk in the park, but the truth of the matter is that bike maintenance is hard, and if you do not have the skills, you will be fumbling in the dark.

Is A Wall Bike Rack Your Best Solution?

By: Shayne Black | May 11, 2012 A wall bike rack is often the best choice for bicycle storage in the garage

Trends in cycling equipment and their usability

By: Claire | May 9, 2012 Cycling is one such fun sport that enjoys being a good hobby and personal favorite to people of an assortment of age groups. Cycling equipment help in making this experience a wonderful experience, as it helps in enhancing the comfort of cycling. These days a wide range of equipments is available which are having their classification into different packages as per the needs of individuals. For yea
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