How to Master Complex Hip Hop Dance Moves Quickly and Easily

By: Jianwei Huang | Apr 11, 2012 Aspiring hip hop dancers may become rather discouraged when they are not able to remember a routine. Here are 3 tips you can use to proficiently kick-start your learning journey in mastering complicated dance moves and get better at it as you go.

Figure skating fun facts: clothing rules and guidelines

By: albapp | Apr 10, 2012 Figure skating athlete have a vast choice of silhouettes, fabrics and models when it comes to choosing a competition outfit, one that fits both the regulation’s requirements and the skater’s personal taste.

Preparation Your Own Hen Party Theme

By: Richard Thomas | Mar 20, 2012 Preparation of hen party includes preparing a guest list, choose a destination, list out the activities that you want to perform and more importantly you need to decide upon a party theme. Themes come in varieties and are the real fun starter. The best hen party themes are those that are focused around the future bride and make her feel really special.

A look at the Jams in London

By: katty middleton | Mar 18, 2012 Best ionic foot bath is very popular among all but if you are still unfamiliar with its features and various advantages then this article is perfect for you.

Are You Getting All You Can with Social Dancing and Networking?

By: Miguel Mambo DeLeon | Mar 16, 2012 Great Question! This is a question posed to social dancers. Although most purposes for social dancers who invested dollars in dance footwear is to dance in comfort, and of course, to look fabulous, but then what? With dancing being the great motivator to get out and socialize, many social dancers are opening their minds and taking full advantage of being in a receptive and fun dancing environment.

Dance: The Blending of Instinct and Intellect

By: Tyson Sieger | Mar 16, 2012 In nearly every culture, tribal dances mimic the movements of various animals and natural phenomena like thunderstorms or earthquakes.

Pole Dancing - What do you know about it?

By: Yasir Saeed | Mar 14, 2012 So you think you knew about pole dancing? Read this article and know about this profession. This isn't for everyone so make sure you read well about pole dancing before you actually become a dancer.

Dancing Poles – Which One is the Best ?

By: Buddhi Wijerathne | Mar 11, 2012 Selecting the best dancing pole will help to perform when during pole dancing. Selection of a dancing pole should depend on the material and manufacturing quality, price and the portability.

Custom Lapel Pins Help Dancers Perform Excellently

By: Caryn Smith | Feb 29, 2012 Dance teams around the world showcase their skills at competitions and tournaments. Each dancer has something unique and exciting to bring to the event. That’s why custom lapel pins are so fitting. They help build upon the dancer’s skills and also give them an award item to work towards. This makes them the finest dancers they can be in all areas of dance.

Help Your Kid to be the Best by means of Kid's Gymnastics Lessons

By: Thomas | Feb 24, 2012 Gymnastics is a sport activity which requires great discipline, flexibility, and also grace. These days, you could find several schools giving gymnastics for toddlers. Signing up your child in these courses may benefit him or her in several ways. Check out this article to find out more information on it.
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