The Golf Swing Plane: At Impact

By: John Stricker | Jul 6, 2012 The takeaway, backswing, downswing and follow through are all important parts of the golf swing plane, but the most important checkpoint along that plane is where the club makes impact with the ball. If the club head is not square to the ball at impact, the ball will not be in the club’s sweet spot and will not travel to the intended target.

Make the most of a golf club discount and play the best courses in Ireland

By: A McKie | Jun 28, 2012 For many golfing enthusiasts this is the time of year they’ve been waiting for. The most illustrious championship in the world of golf, the US Open

The golfers' guide to British golf courses

By: A McKie | Jun 28, 2012 Golf is one of the most popular sports in Britain both for players and for spectators. It is such an accessible sport for all ages

Make the most of golf insurance deals and play the best holes in Scotland without worrying

By: A McKie | Jun 28, 2012 As all golfers and golf fans are aware, last week saw the return of the biggest tournament in the world of golf, the US Open.

Play the best courses in Northern Ireland with discount green fees UK

By: A McKie | Jun 28, 2012 This time last year Britain’s very own Rory McIlroy played the best golf of his career to claim the coveted US Open title.

What is the attraction with golf?

By: John Daniels | Jun 28, 2012 This articletakes a look at the game of golf, and the authors dislike of it. How do people play a game that has so little going on for most of the duration. Skill is clearly involved in some intricate plays, but not in walking. Most of golf seems to involve walking. Is golf a good walk ruined?

Why is crystal so popular at golf presentations.

By: John Daniels | Jun 28, 2012 I take a look at how crystal awards are now the most asked for products with golf clubs nowadays. Why do clubs want crystal instead of tankards, or shields? Is crystal good value for money? I take a look at these questions, and relay information I have been told by the clubs themselves. Due to metals getting more and more expensive, I cannot t=see this trend changing.

Canadian Women Golf Introduction

By: smitheric | Jun 18, 2012 Early Canadian golf is a man's basic patent with the progress of society, people's ideas becomes more open, women's rights awareness has also enhanced a lot, As a result, some people began to advocate for women to participate in the sport.

Learn Professional Golf with Joe Bernat

By: Adam Thomas | Jun 18, 2012 One of the most liked and acclaimed sports in USA that has been very popular in the last decade or so is Golf.

Arizona Golf - A Heaven for Golfer's

By: Jasmine girl | Jun 18, 2012 Arizona is popular for its wealthy cultural heritage. Plenty offolkscheck out its different cities to find out the colorful background, several architecture and art, and a number of cultural sites.
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