The Importance of Your Putter Length

By: Diana lee | May 22, 2012 Almost every golfer have their own set of golf clubs, you can purchase them either on your local sporting goods store, or an online golf equipments store. You may don't think the putter you purchased is even a proper fit to your game. Anyone has his unique playing feature when they play the golf game. There is no one off the shelf set of clubs designed to fit every single golfer, or even the major

Safty Guidelines on the Golf Course

By: Diana lee | May 21, 2012 Golf is regarded as a very safe sport, the saying will be true if you follow the common-sense rules of safety, but it's very easy to get hurt if you ignore the rules. Golf involves the swinging of metal clubs, which propel golf balls at high speeds.

Mizuno MX-700 Golf Driver Review

By: shelmay | Oct 26, 2011 Mizuno has longed for people to look at their full spectrum of clubs with the same respect and unabashed lust that their irons have.

Sophie Horn: Cutest And Busiest Golfer

By: Elizabeth Woods | Apr 16, 2011 If people raise a question who is the most popular female golfer in the world, the answer is Sophie Horn. However, it is not accidental this beauty holds the title. Sophie started studying golf from a very early age and then hit winning streak with a staggering amount of tournaments in England, including the Midlands Championship. She also scored victory in the Norfolk County Championship three years in a row. Not only being a successfully professional golfer, Sophie also makes others remember her as a model, television presenter, personal trainer, golf coach and even journalist. The talent is a potential face of some very big name advertisers.
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