The best ever piece of camp equipment

By: Matthew Waters | May 29, 2013 Camping cookers actually have become a lot more and more popular as time goes by, more than likely on their way to be the piece of equipment all backpacker, hiker or person camping should want to have in their bag. And the reason for this? In my opinion, any one who is looking to venture in the great out doors should certainly own one because of how incredibly adaptable they are. The number 1 reas

What Should Every Hiking Backpack Gear Checklist Include?

By: Giulia Equi | May 27, 2013 How to Efficiently Pack a Backpack? What should your hiking gear checklist include? This post will help you plan and efficiently pack for your next day or multi-day hike.

Understand Fuel Before Getting a Backpacking Stove

By: Tyler Tebbs | May 9, 2013 Before getting a camping stove, there are many different fuel sources to choose from. Each fuel source has different pros and cons. Learn more about what kind you want.

Scarpa Walking Boots-ideal for all seasons

By: Frank Logi | Jan 29, 2013 Going on an hiking adventure and you are looking for quality footwear then we would recommend scarpa walking boots for their durability, flexibility and comfort.

Choosing the right backpack

By: J. Swint | Sep 21, 2012 Points to look at when you want the right backpack for the right occasion. With Eastpak Backpacks as a great brand, there is some other brand available to look at.

Why A Paracord Belt Is An Essential Outdoor Accessory

By: Matt Hawkins | May 24, 2012 This article discusses what a paracord belt is and how it can be used effectively not just as a rugged fashion item, but a strong, versatile outdoor tool.

550 Parachute Cord

By: James Scheuerman | May 19, 2012 550 parachute cord for all kinds of home and outdoor uses which include survival bracelets, lanyards and belts.

Camping chair purchasing guide

By: Oleg Evgenov | May 16, 2012 A camping adventure doesn't necessarily need to be adventure-filled along with thrilling. In actual fact, the best hiking getaway offers the appropriate mix of fun-filled activities and restful down times. During these down times, it is good to consume a cup of coffee or simply just take in the views at camp. During the night, it is additionally wonderful to sit down close to a camp flame and shar

Lightweight And Compact Quechua Tents Are Ideal For The Hiking Enthusiast

By: Keith Quain | May 8, 2012 Hiking is an interesting and fun way to enjoy the outdoors. Hiking trails are available in many areas around the world, forestlands, mountainous areas, and low lying or high deserts are popular places. One reason hiking is enjoyable is the tranquil atmosphere that can be felt in just about every hiking area. Imagine slumbering under the stars after the days trek, a mountain breeze caressing your h

The Importance of a Paracord Belt

By: Matt Hawkins | May 6, 2012 Paracord is an extremely strong, versatile material with an array of outdoor applications. This article provides guidance on how to make, purchase, and use a paracord belt when the situation calls for it.
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