A Compass Allows Backpacking To Become Safer

By: Byron Tabor | Jul 11, 2011 It is a lot of fun to go backpacking. But then there are certain things that can go wrong and cause all the joy and excitement that comes with backpacking to turn into a very bad experience. This makes it imperative for a person going backpacking to always carry some essential items that can come in handy when situations turn adverse. One of these is a compass that qualifies very much as an essent

Hiking The Laurel Ridge Trail

By: Shannon Rae Treasure | Jul 5, 2011 A fairly easy trail, the Laurel Ridge Trail follows the ridge line east of Lake Lanier and the Buford Dam. The trail head has numerous facilities and accommodations for your outdoor activities.

The Hike To Mill Shoals Trail

By: Shannon Rae Treasure | Jul 4, 2011 The trail is an easy hike with fairly manageable switchbacks and is located at the Eastern Blue Ridge to Cooper Creek Recreation Area. Expect to see forests and a stream along the way.

Hiking The Mathis Trail Loop

By: Shannon Rae Treasure | Jul 4, 2011 The Mathis Trail is an easy loop trail which will take a mile to traverse as it takes you to a hardwood forest and some wet foot crossings as it crosses the Elachee Creek along the way.

Hiking The Minnehaha Falls In Rabun County

By: Shannon Rae Treasure | Jul 4, 2011 The Minnehaha Falls is located in the Rabun County Georgia which is a 60-foot high falls that is nestled in a wide steep cove clustered with rhododendrons.

Hiking The Vickery Creek Trail Complex

By: Shannon Rae Treasure | Jun 27, 2011 This trail complex encompasses the north knoll of the Chattahoochee River which is east of South Atlanta St. Highway 9. The trail’s length runs 6.5 miles on this section of the Chattahoochee National Recreation Area.

Camping Guidelines

By: Randy Hine | Jun 19, 2011 Camping is an excellent outdoor recreational activity. Basically for camping, the campers leave urban areas, their home district, or civilization and enjoy nature while spending one or several nights in the great outdoors.

Hiking The Eyes On Wildlife Trail

By: Shannon Rae Treasure | May 16, 2011 With several improvements done on this trail for over the past decade, the Eyes On Wildlife Trail had become an inviting hike for most trekkers who are travelling within Georgia 60. It is located in the Easter Blue Ridge right at Cooper Creek Recreation Area.

The Hiking Trail For The Suwanee Greenway

By: Shannon Rae Treasure | May 16, 2011 The Suwanee Greenway Trail was used to be called Black Creek and the trail’s length is a 9.5 mile stretch to complete. This habitat was destroyed by tanning chemicals in 1873 until the Bona Allen Tannery was closed in the 1970’s.

Hiking The Savannah And Ogeechee Canal Loop Trail

By: Shannon Rae Treasure | May 16, 2011 The loop trail only takes 1.6 miles to complete on a leave road which follows the Savannah and Ogeechee Canal from the Fort Argyle Rod until the Ogeechee River. The canal was opened for transport and trade in 1831 after seven years of building it.
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