Kentucky Derby Betting - Bet on The LongShots

By: drin team | May 7, 2012 I am glad on how Kentucky Derby 2012 is turning into. There's no clear favorite for Saturday’s Kentucky Derby, which means you can expect big payouts no matter which horse wins the race - Saturday’s race could pay astronomical prices. And for that being said, I think it’s time for people to look into longshots for their Kentucky Derby Betting.

Kentucky Derby betting - My Trifecta Bet

By: drin team | May 7, 2012 On Saturday, the most exciting two minutes of sports will happen! Kentucky Derby 2012 that is, Thank God it’s only a few days away! It seems like we’ve been waiting for ages. For a couple of minutes (it seems like for a couple of days) we will forget about the NFL draft, the NBA playoffs, and the NHL playoffs, as horse racing's Super Bowl—the Kentucky Derby—takes place.

Bet on Kentucky Derby: types of bet for beginners

By: Steven Hendricks | May 4, 2012 One of the most exciting horse racing event that is very popular in the United States today is the Kentucky Derby. It is one of the sport racing game that attracts many bettors be a professional or casual one. Kentucky Derby is a .

Kentucky Derby Betting Strategies To Remember

By: drin team | May 4, 2012 Kentucky Derby is one of the most awaited sports events every year. It is often called the “Greatest two minutes in sports” and has a large follower of bettors and viewers alike all over the world. The Kentucky Derby is also known as your best excuse to get sloshed on mint juleps and wear a fancy hat. With all the hubbub, it’s easy to forget the actual race. But for those who take the Run fo

Buy Equestrian Clothing for Better Riding Experience

By: Claire | May 3, 2012 There is nothing to match the joy of going for a ride one fine Sunday in the countryside to enjoy the beauty of nature. Have you ever tried it? If yes, you must have had a truly wonderful experience. When you opt to buy equestrian clothingand equipment, the enjoyment and comfort you and your horse would feel will be even greater. There are many options when it comes to buying equestrian clothing.

Clothing and Essentials for Equestrian Trips

By: Claire | May 3, 2012 Equestrian enthusiasts see horseback riding as an integral part of their adventure lives. Horseback riding gives us a rare authenticity that is to be respected and cherished throughout. If you are planning to go on an equestrian trip, the first step is to buy equestrian clothing. Here is a suggested list of essential items to be packed for the rider and the horse.

Four reasons why you absolutely need jodhpurs

By: Claire | May 3, 2012 If you are not a horseback rider you probably have not heard the term jodhpurs before andif you have you probably are not certain about its meaning.Jodhpurs are pants that get their name form the city of India called Jodhpur; this is their city of origin and they were first worn by the residents. They are rather comical because they are very flared at the top and then get very fitting from the kne

Why are jodhpurs such essential garments?

By: Claire | May 3, 2012 Every outdoor activity has its official regalia or garments that when worn, makes the activity easier to doand more enjoyable. Horseback riding is one such activity that requires that right ‘uniform’. You do not want to go riding a horse in shorts or a skirt because that just will not work. You need something that can withstand the friction and perspiration yet still feel comfortable next to y

Kentucky Derby Betting - Harder Than It Looks Like

By: drin team | May 3, 2012 In these modern times, we have all the means and technology to make our life easier. This goes to Kentucky Derby betting too. We have lots of Sportsbook and experts online sharing race odds, we have unlimited videos of prep race to study and see the past performances of horses/ So why, in the midst of this glorious new Information Age, is picking a Derby winner harder than ever?

Kentucky Derby Betting and The Starting Position

By: drin team | May 3, 2012 There are only a few days left before Kentucky Derby 2012 hits off. And today, marks a very important event on the 2012 Kentucky Derby. Today, they will hold their draw for post positions in the Run for the Roses and it’s going to have a huge affect on the odds of each horse. Yes, the starting position of a horse is very important to win. You would think that the No. 1 post position, the one clo
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