Kentucky Derby Betting: tips you should know

By: drin team | Apr 26, 2012 If you love betting on horse, then you will surely love Kentucky Derby betting. Kentucky Derby runs every first Saturday of May, and is considered as one of the most popular races in the horse racing world. It is also known as “The Run for the Roses” and annually being held at Louisville’s venerable Churchill Downs beneath the iconic Twin Spires. Regardless of any age, whether a man or a wom

Hosting a Kentucky Derby Betting Party

By: drin team | Apr 26, 2012 It’s month of May, and it is time for Kentucky Derby betting. Whenever you heard the word Kentucky Derby, things such as elaborate hats, mint juleps and of course, horses may surely come in your mind. Horse fans and bettors get together at the Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, for the annual Kentucky Derby. But if you can’t make it to Churchill Downs, don’t you worry as you can still

Dubai Polo And Equestrian Club: Helping To Develop Your Lifestyle

By: Vanderlip Frank | Apr 24, 2012 Dubai polo and Equestrian club provides opportunities to develop you lifestyle by arranging so many activities in here. Actually Dubai is one of the most developed countries in the world and the people in here are very rich by their culture.

Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club: Keeps Very Importance For Better Life

By: Unamuno Miguel | Apr 24, 2012 Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club is a very important place for all the people in Dubai to make their lifestyle better. Actually most of the time the people in Dubai remains very busy and they have so less amount of time for recreational purpose.

Horse Betting – Must Read Help Tips

By: Steven Hendricks | Apr 22, 2012 Finding a good bet at the horse race track or the thoroughbred races is one way to make money and also adds a lot of fun and excitement.
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