Hollywood Stars: Before-and-after Cosmetic Surgeries

By: Lee Dobbins | Oct 6, 2010 In the world's competitive entertainment industry, Hollywood celebrities have ever made efforts in order to maintain their careers and appearances. Besides talent, beauty greatly decides their success; therefore, beauty is among their first concerns. There are variety of ways to keep and improve their appearances such as regularly doing exercises, good diets, but some celebrities have chosen cosmetic surgeries as the best choice. Even, there are some hotties being addicted to cosmetic surgeries with boob surgeries, facelifts, and repeated procedures to change the shape of her face, etc. However, not all Hollywood stars are satisfied with results of their cosmetic surgeries, below is the list of most famous images of Hollywood star before and after cosmetic surgeries.

Alicia Douvall: After 100 Cosmetic Surgeries

By: Elisa Wasson | Sep 22, 2010 At the age of 29, Alicia Douvall has undergone more than 100 cosmetic surgeries. The British ex-model admitted to be addicted to cosmetic surgery with 15 boob surgeries, facelifts, and repeated procedures to change the shape of her face. Besides, she took 16 breast augmentation surgeries and even had her ribs shaved to make her waist smaller.

Weddings: Most Luxurious in Showbiz

By: Jim Baker | Jul 12, 2010 Wedding is considered as one of the most important events in a person's life. For that reason, the desire to celebrate an impressive wedding is easily understandable for all couples. Every couple looks for favorable ways to make their wedding days memorable, and celebrity couples all want to highlight their significant ceremony to show off their fame and wealth. Let's see the most luxurious weddings in Showbiz world.

Charming Eastern Brides

By: Elizabeth Woods | Mar 9, 2010 Every matured girl has her own dream of a romantic and unique wedding, in which they are the most beautiful bride with the most sparkling dress. Costumes of Eastern brides could be inspiration for
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