Spice up your party with a Bay Area magician

By: Dylan Ross | Dec 11, 2010 When you're in the San Francisco area and you're planning a party for your son, your best friend, your wife, or your father, it should not be a daunting a task. First off, it's a party and should be an enjoyable and fun thing to be doing. And second, you will have a lot of help available if you just know where to find them. So after you're done organizing and setting up the basics - the venue, the

David Blaine Card Trick Revealed

By: Steven Spielberg | Dec 2, 2010 Have you ever planned to discover the way to execute a simple card trick exactly like David Blaine or perhaps you have thought about just what exactly are David Blaine's easy card trick secrets? With one of his simple card tricks, David Blaine would make a spectator sign a card, and then he would put the card back again in the pack and after that the card would be made to surface from behind t

How to Perform Easy Card Tricks

By: Steven Spielberg | Nov 29, 2010 In the event that you are seeking to easily impress an audience at a get together, this kind of very simple card trick will definitely work! To perform the following trick, it's important to first shuffle the deck as well as quickly glimpse at the bottom card as you shuffle.

Easy Card Tricks

By: Steven Spielberg | Nov 28, 2010 How often times have you found yourself at a bash, looking for approaches to effortlessly win over your pals? In the event that you are one seeking to study sleight of hand, there are several very simple tricks that everyone can perform.

Magic Shops

By: Michael Malega | Apr 13, 2009 Useful article for Magic Shops. Tips, ideas and more. Also check our web site that is all about this subject of Magic Shops.

Coin Tricks

By: Michael Malega | Apr 13, 2009 Useful and informative article for Coin Tricks. Tips, ideas and more. To find more about this subject of Coin Tricks, check our web site that is all about Coin Tricks and other related information.

What is Close-up Magic?

By: Dan Gifford | Apr 13, 2009 Find out what close-up magic is, what an expert close-up magician can do and what great entertainment close-up magic can be for almost any event.

The secret in every coin trick

By: Rick Martin | Apr 13, 2009 Magic performers who prefer stage magic will find it more difficult to approach tricks with coins, because such tricks are specific for close-up magic circumstances.

Stage magic - performing tricks for large audiences

By: Rick Martin | Apr 13, 2009 Close-up magic may be preferable for a beginner, although there are many aspects he needs to take care of in order to deal with the direct involvement of the spectators.

The magic in a card trick

By: Rick Martin | Apr 13, 2009 There is more to magic than the mere puzzling of an audience. Certainly, they will marvel, wonder at what they have just seen, and try to guess how everything has happened.
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