Martial Arts

Fighting Tactics - Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do Techniques

By: Jetty Kun | May 16, 2012 Techniques in jeet kune do (JKD) surpasses common battling ways since techniques are equipment and JKD teaches the efficient utilization of those equipment. The strategy presents the concept of how to end hits and kicks from an attacker by intercepting an attack along with your strike rather than a ordinary protective block. Bruce Lee developed his approach according to his principle which he refe

Build up your strength with Crossfit Houston workout program

By: kravmaga | May 11, 2012 A slender and well maintained physique is what makes the eyes turn. A fact is that appearances do matter a lot in the present scenario.

Guide for Learning Karate

By: Dustin Ingram | May 10, 2012 Karate is mainly considered as one of the striking or stand up martial arts emerging on the islands of Okinawa. This can be considered as blend of native fighting styles of Okinawa and that of China.

Understanding Mixed Martial Arts

By: N K Singh | May 9, 2012 Mixed martial arts is an extremely competitive and exciting sport that involves full contact and allows grappling and striking techniques that are performed while standing or while on the ground.

Jeet Kune Do: Practical Portion From Bullying

By: Jetty Kun | May 9, 2012 Many people are experiencing bullying everywhere. Showing no mercy, these seem to be a habit by some to their horrified victims. Escalating the reported cases of juvenile delinquency, this cruel deed is mostly committed by young people. Some adults, who must be the role models, worsen the situation by teaching the young citizens to act like mischievous members of the society. To avoid fatal crimes

Be hale and hearty with fitness program in Houston

By: kravmaga | May 8, 2012 Opting for a gym to attain the perfect physique is the best sought after solution and more and more people are resorting to this option which can be seen from the increase in the number of gyms.

Denoting Kyokushin Karate And The Way It Is Different From Other Martial Arts

By: Ranil Jaramillo | May 6, 2012 Kyokushin karate is really a tricky and solid kind of karate. It is characterised by its sensible, full-contact and stand-up variety of fighting. It also places emphasis on fluid and elegant but powerful ways. In our day, the usage of tameshiwari, the skill of breaking wood, tile, bricks or stone can be applied with this style to assist the development of spirit and character.

I Study The Best Martial Art And It Makes Yours Look Silly!

By: Al Case | May 3, 2012 You must study ALL arts to find the best martial art. And then you might find out something interesting.

Learn Taekwondo for Self Defense

By: Phillis Sylvester | May 2, 2012 The growing amount of crime cases has given a rise to the demand of self defense training amongst people.

The Benefits of Personal Training in Martial Arts

By: Alyssa Amato | Apr 30, 2012 The Association believes that a true internationalization means that other foreign countries accept our traditional things, and try to understand them, and vice versa.
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