Essential Sewing Products – 3 Things To Add To Your Collection

By: Margaret Groening | Jan 13, 2012 There are a lot of different points of interest for crafters, one being the latest trend of getting back to sewing prowess. People of all ages are starting to realize that sewing is a positive thing to learn and master. Crafting is not just for small items; people are learning to sew and create blankets, clothing, accessories, and more. Some are even venturing forward into making quilts and far m

Using Interchangable Knitting Needles Like The Addi Clicks To Improve Your Knitting Experience

By: Eileen Sharpe | Dec 30, 2011 This article outlines the benefits of having an interchangeable knitting needle set, and describes how you use them to start a new project!

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How To Choose The Best Sewing Machine

By: Gerardo Cohen | Sep 17, 2011 Picking a sewing machine out of all the available models can be a little daunting. Discover everything that you need to do before choosing a sewing machine...

Digitizing Embroidery Design: What You’ll Need to Learn

By: annie sparks | Jun 17, 2011 Wondering how those beautiful custom embroidered logo shirts are done? Well, that is through the aid of digitizing software. But in order to produce a custom logo shirts with the best quality of embroidery designs on it, there are some important things an embroidery digitizer should consider.

How to Paint Wood Photo Frames

By: Nathan Hall | Jun 8, 2011 If you’re interested in tips to paint a wood picture frame then you’ve discovered the right article. We’re going to talk about the whole process of painting wood picture frames at home and without using costly products.

Recycling Used Picture Frames

By: Nathan Hall | May 31, 2011 If you break a framed photograph, you dump the shattered glass and the frame. Only what if the frame is particularly nice? Or what if the frame is virtually undamaged? All Of A Sudden you get some plastic picture frame ideas and turn an accident into a fresh esthetic object. So you say to yourself: “An old image frame never really becomes old”. In this article we’re going to show you some us

Quilt Color-How To Read A Color Wheel

By: Tricia Deed | May 17, 2011 The color wheel consists of twelve colors. The three primaries are red, yellow, and blue. The three secondary are orange, green, and violet. The remaining six are known as complementary. And then there is more. Quilt color is of concern to quilters. Beginning quilters and master quilters want a better understanding of how to use the color wheel.

Why We Love Cotton-5 Reasons To Enjoy This Versatile Fabric

By: Tricia Deed | May 17, 2011 Quilters can use ay fabric they wish for their quilting projects. The traditional and the most popular is cotton. Whey we love cotton is because of our personal experiences with clothing, bed linen of sheets and pillow cases, bath towels of terry cloth, home decorations of upholstery fabrics, fabric throws and the kitchen towels, and curtains for window and doorways. Cotton is all around us. It is an emotional fabric of memories and activities.

Computer Restarts During Startup

By: cheapcomputer001 | May 14, 2011 If your computer restarts during booting up, then you need to boot the machine in Safe Mode. Once this has been done, there are several causes that you need to look into and get to the bottom of.
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