Beginning quilters? Common Errors

By: Daniel De Beer | May 4, 2011 Quilting is a great way to get your creative expression. Handmade baby quilts and large baby shower gifts. The downside is that few of us are? Perfect?, Especially when we try something new. But everyone has to start somewhere. Here are a few mistakes sometimes beginning quilters and tips to avoid them, you can make the best first baby quilt, you can make.

Personalized Apron - Unique Gift Idea

By: Kirsten Soh | Apr 14, 2011 Giving gifts to love ones can sometimes be a bit tedious - especially since we want to give them the best there is. A unique gift that we can give them is a personalized apron that depicts their interests in life: color, favorite sports, hobbies, and the like. Read this helpful for tips on how to decorate a personalized apron.

Lapel Pins Are Very Popular Among Quilters' Guilds

By: Scott Hayes | Mar 25, 2011 Lately, we have been getting a lot of interest from quilting groups.  These circles of ladies have a common interest in sewing that brings them together so they mingle with one another while they start on or finish their craft projects.  Each member shares tips and secrets with one another in regards to the different sewing disciplines. This time tested ritual has brought a lot of joy into

Verification management

By: mohanchen | Dec 1, 2010 Historically, teams have used standard Office tools for managing verification projects. However, this is useful for small projects with a single, centralized team with less than 5 members.

Embroidery Is A Craft For All Seasons

By: Linda S. Mcrae | Oct 27, 2010 Perhaps the most important function of the craft of embroidery work today is to provide relaxation and the opportunity to exercise one's imagination. The result, however, should also be attractive and durable. The materials and stitches must therefore be wisely chosen, and the work itself carefully prepared and carried out.

Repair Sewing Machine Ebook- Can This Book Save You Hundreds And Allow You To Repair Your Sewing Machine Yourself?

By: Torri Andrews | Oct 22, 2010 When your sewing machine gives out on you when your in the middle of a project it really causes tons of stress and can cost a bundle to get repaired. Can you fix the machine yourself without paying an arm and a leg?

Quilting Tools: A Stimulating Piece Of Quilting History

By: Andy Guides | Oct 17, 2010 In a sense, quilting is kind of like making a textile sandwich. You will need some tools and depending on the complexity, maybe even a machine. For more free information, please visit our website now.

Do It Yourself : How to Make Your Own Blouse

By: Rana Ardhita | Oct 8, 2010 Going to a store to purchase clothes might seem an easy, time-effective option. However, designing your own clothes can help you build a stylish wardrobe without straining your budget. Moreover, it gives you an opportunity to customize your outfit and showcase your personal style, the way you never can with ready-made clothes. Although the job may seem tedious initially, it can actually be very easy if some DIY sewing tips are followed.

Knitting With Too Many Stitches? Learn How To Keep Your Knits From Going Astray

By: Harry Best | Mar 27, 2010 Getting an increasing number of stitches is a common mistake that novice knitting adepts usually make. Since the best possible way of learning how to knit is knitting, we'll now give you a quick rundown of the four main reasons you may find yourself gaining extra stitches as you progress your knitting.

Art Created Out Of Necessity

By: Charlotte S Green | Mar 26, 2010 Quilting has been used for generations to make snug bedding and heavy rugs to keep homes warm. Patchworking as a quilting technique was born out of necessity, lack of money and the need for bedding meant that old and unused pieces of material were used to create a useful item. This developed into a genuine quilting technique with the quilting patterns becoming more complicated and technical.
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