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The Science Behind Tactical LED Flashlights

By: Mike Brownlee | Dec 7, 2012 The science behind tactical flashlights is discussed. Gain a deeper understanding how the components of a flashlight work together to produce the brightest beam of light with the most efficient use of energy.

5 Essential Tips on Motorcycle Tire Maintenance

By: janet ndinda | Nov 23, 2012 Ever thought of having your motorcycle tires in order and had no idea how to go about it? Here are tips to help you take proper care of your bike tires.

Let’s Riding

By: clis pauls | Nov 22, 2012 In many foreign countries, biking travel is a constant way of going out, it can practice body, what's more, looking road scenery on both sides.In recent, because of the development of environmental protection consciousness, most people like urn fat other than burning gas. Nation people are also very like biking.

Tips to select right pair of boxing gloves

By: boxing | Oct 31, 2012 Boxing gloves is one of the most important equipments in boxing. Care should be taken before buying a boxing glove, especially if you are a beginner in the field of boxing.

Great Films shot in Kenya

By: Explorer Kenya | Aug 6, 2012 There are numerous Hollywood movies that have been shot in Kenya. Kenya is a beautiful land with spectacular sceneries, which have attracted the eyes of world known movie producers. Below is a selection of some of the blockbusters which had some scenes shot in this magnificent country.

Softball Pitching - How to Easily Get 80% of Batters Out

By: Marc Dagenais | Jul 10, 2012 Do you know many teams that carry a lot of hitters able to consistently hit rockets out of low inside or outside pitches? I don't. Most teams may have one or two such hitters - maybe three if they are lucky.

The basics of rugby teamwear for any novice

By: Lois Ramsey | Jul 9, 2012 Are you new to the world of rugby and wondering what equipment and teamwear you will need for efficient play? This is an overview of what you will need while you play rugby. In general, you will need rugby teamwear, clothing, footwear and protective gear.

Denver Rugby Club – How to Join a Rugby Club

By: Ryan Ray | Jun 27, 2012 To get started with being ready for rugby, you will need to be in decent shape. While you don’t need to be in marathon shape, you can expect to need to run a few laps around the track

Colorado Rugby Teams – Rugby for Women

By: Ryan Ray | Jun 27, 2012 Swiftly growing as one of the most popular team sports for women, rugby is a blend of soccer and football that requires physical contact and athletic prowess.

Tips On Finding The Right Fantasy Sports League For You

By: Patrick Thompson | Jun 23, 2012 With the explosion of fantasy sports leagues, there are more options for participation than ever before. Sometimes it can feel like being in a restaurant with thousands of menu items. For starters, take into consideration how involved you are with the sport, how much time you have to follow it and who you’re competing against.
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