Important Face Painting Tips for Newbies

By: Antonella Ripani | Mar 6, 2013 Face painting is such a nice and enjoyable activity, not just for kids, or teens, but for adults as well. Aside from the fun experience it may give you, face painting can actually be a very potential business and everyone must remember that on whatever level of face painting you want to involve yourself in, all the safety measure must be practiced.

Know About Contemporary Indian Art

By: bestcollegeart | Feb 22, 2013 Indian Contemporary Art is a true reflection of beauty. Contemporary art is one part of art that departs from the ancient past and adopts the modern form without changing the essence of artistic practice. This is the reason that has made hundreds of people with artistic bent of mind come India and buys contemporary art. Some of them have even started to try their hands in contemporary painting on

Fundamental Techniques of Chinese Painting

By: vong chang | Dec 19, 2012 Chinese painting includes flowers and birds, landscape, figure painting and so forth. Through brief introduction and appreciation of masterpieces, hope you will acquire a fundamental knowledge of the historical development and theoretical issues of Chinese painting. You will learn the basic technique of different brush works, through which you will understand the creative process of Chinese painti

Characteristics of the Technique of Traditional Chinese Painting

By: vong chang | Dec 19, 2012 The painter can choose different compositions according to the theme of the painting and is neither bounded by time nor space. For example, the Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival (Qingming Festival, when Chinese people visit ancestral tombs, falls on April 5 or 6 each year) and Ten Thousand Kilometers of Yangtze River drew by Wu Guanzhong both apply cavalier perspective technique on the composit

Easy Idioms, Easier Chinese Painting Study

By: vong chang | Dec 19, 2012 Four Treasures of Study:Chinese people have called writing brushes, ink sticks, paper and ink slabs the four treasures of the study since ancient times. With such special materials and tools, consisting of brushes of different types, ink and pigments of different textures, xuan paper, silk and various kinds of ink slabs, all of them play important roles in Chinese painting and should be well-pre

Romantic Chinese style music, Graceful Chinese ink painting

By: vong chang | Dec 19, 2012 Love Jay Chou’s music, not only for the melodious lyrics and poetic words but also for the sweet, tangible, cherish and happy memories from our childhood.?Jay Chou’ songs convey the centuries-old Chinese history and culture. The original forgotten realms of beauty and all ages that floated upon the stream of life and love are being awakened. Now, have a taste of “The Tea made by Grandpa” w

Fruits and Vegetables still live in Chinese Paintings

By: vong chang | Dec 19, 2012 Peaches are known inChinanot only as a popular fruit, but also for the many cultural traditions, such as the Peaches of Immortality. Peach blossoms are highly prized in Chinese culture. The ancient Chinese believed the peach to possess more vitality than any other tree because their blossoms appear before leaves sprout. The peach tree is also a tremendous Chinese symbol for longevity. It is said t

Wall Art and Canvas Prints

By: WallCreate | Nov 28, 2012 There are many different things that you might look at for your designing needs. The style of the decoration you are using will be one thing that controls the pictures that you put on the wall. Whether you are searching for abstract or a landscape, you will find that there are many different choices available today

Provide your house with a master piece of abstract paintings

By: Jcrab Fineart | Nov 3, 2012 There are many genres in paintings; one of them is contemporary abstract paintings, these paintings are far away from reality and provide an art of imagination with a touch of modernity to it.

Beautiful Oil Paintings – Add beauty to your home

By: Lokesh Saini | Sep 24, 2012 A good painting around the walls of your house would surely add plenty of elegance and beauty to your house.
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