Diego Rivera Paintings

By: virginia ealy | May 1, 2012 Who would not like to enhance their planet around and through paintings? Don’t you wait and waste your time sitting back there let those master pieces speak to you in their own ways and languages, as most of our well known and famous artists did with their master pieces, all these wonderful artists are great examples for all of us we can learn great things from them the best thing that we may le

Best Oil Paintings for Sale

By: Oil Paintings | Apr 30, 2012 Choose Museum quality hand-painted best oil paintings and many more from thousands of other oil paintings. Once the oil paintings has dried sufficiently to continue the artist carries on adding even more color and shading into the oil painting.

Invent and Create with Dry Pastels for Creating Your Masterpiece

By: Terry Metcalfe | Apr 30, 2012 Dry pastel art is one of the more popular styles of artwork creating a fantastic abstract all formed through using dry pastel sticks. However there are some favourable tips for ensuring that your paintings keep bright and sharp and to their fullest appeal.

Buy Best Oil Paintings

By: architecturepaintings | Apr 29, 2012 An oil paintings are definitely an expression upon canvas that may reflect a lot of things, from actual life to subjective, and it one of the biggest gift suggestions. Painting within oil is definitely an almost dropped art medium within the burgeoning electronic age. Oil paintings are probably the most popular settings of paintings utilized by the majority of the artists to the audiences.

Oil Paintings and Abstract Paintings

By: architecturepaintings | Apr 27, 2012 For lots of people, abstract paintings are unique and also the most creative type of the art. Even, they provide the excellent appreciation towards the abstract paintings, oil paintings since the ultimate creative sense.

Cubism: Its History and Influence in Contemporary Art

By: Albert Cash | Apr 25, 2012 Cubism is one of the first movements of contemporary art that can be considered truly modern.

Long Term Benefits of Heat Reflective Paint

By: Mainhoonseo | Apr 24, 2012 Heat reflective can ensure that you save energy and thereby reduce your household maintenance cost

Apple Trees

By: alfaaried | Apr 22, 2012 Apple Trees is a clean, fresh portrait of a simple miracle- the fruit born from trees.

Textured Pieces

By: alfaaried | Apr 22, 2012 Textured Pieces is a fascinating original canvas painting that creates a fabulous piece out of subtle lines and careful blendings of particular colors creating shapes and spaces out of the most mild, understated lines.

Hot Sun

By: alfaaried | Apr 22, 2012 This painting truly lives up to it's name. This whimsical piece's greatest attraction is it's lovely selection of bold colors and the patterns
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