Importance of having a DVR and its Interesting Features

By: Stuart Owens | Mar 30, 2012 Most service providers offer Bundles, through which we get TV, internet and Phone services. Along, with these services most of them also offer a DVR for Free. A digital video recorder has a many interesting features which help us in various ways when connected to TV, phone and internet as well. Due to these reasons many people prefer to have digital video recorders at home. While most people procu

Evolution of Poetry and Different Concepts used in Poetry Writing

By: Stuart Owens | Feb 28, 2012 Rhymes were also a main aspect in poetry writing. There were different kinds of rhymes that were used. There were masculine and Feminine rhymes. While the masculine rhymes were identically stress and contained different consonant sounds. The feminine rhymes were composed of differing sounds with stressed syllables followed by unstressed rhyming syllables. These were also called as double rhyme. S

An affordable solution for Kandinsky lovers

By: ram kumar | Feb 18, 2012 You wish you could collect Kandinsky artworks as a hobby? It can be a very serious one if you take time to do it right. It can even be more serious if you wish to earn a return on your investment later.

Christmas related information and funny messages and Quotes.

By: Inspirational quotes | Feb 15, 2012 Every year in December 25 date is the most important and very famous all over the world. This day is Christmas, Christmas is the birthday of prophet Gesious.

Romantic suspense and women’s fiction is not the same thing

By: Jane Rosenthal | Feb 14, 2012 Romantic suspense, as the name itself suggest, is a particular form of writing where there is a perfect blend of romance with mystery. In most of the romantic suspense book the main characters has to deal with climax full of mystery and suspense.

Good Morning SMSs and Issues

By: Katherine Buxton | Feb 1, 2012 There are all kinds of messages being sent these days and no matter how many text messages you have, you always need more. People spend a great deal of time surfing the internet and copying the messages that they like so that they don’t miss out on good messages and also because they want to be the first ones to initiate these text messages

Romance Served With Suspense!

By: Jane Rosenthal | Jan 30, 2012 Every person in the world is made differently, and has different personality, not only that the moods and the emotional state we are in changes how we perceive things.

SMSs and Birthdays

By: Katherine_Buxton | Jan 17, 2012 On every different occasion we take out our cell phones and get hell bent on finding the most interesting and touching message to send to the other person. People like this mode of communication and rely on it completely for all kinds of exchanges

Prose - Poetry - Drama: A Variety of Bengali Literature

By: jeevansathi | Jan 16, 2012 The very first literary work in Bengali is said to be scripted around 10th century. The Bangla literature is divided into three phases- the old Bengali, middle Bengali and the modern Bengali literary works.

SMSs and Their Different Types

By: AdamSmith45 | Jan 15, 2012 Mobiles have altered our lives completely. They are accessible everywhere and everyone has a cell phone no matter what age group they belong from. They have unquestionably made things easier but it would not be wrong to say that in some cases they have just increased the workload.
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