SMS Marketing Discreet and Powerful

By: umar waqas | Oct 31, 2011 SMS is a trendy and an exciting marketing tool. Today, it is used for sending SMS advertising campaigns to mobile phone subscribers.

A Way to Treat Your Asthma

By: umar waqas | Oct 29, 2011 Asthma is chronic disease that affects the airways or the tubes that carries air out and in of the lungs.

Funny Messages All About The Good Times

By: umar waqas | Oct 27, 2011 In the literal meanings the word funny means to amuse. It is very obvious that funny SMSs are related to something that is amusing to the public.

SMS Mania is Now Out of Control

By: umar waqas | Oct 27, 2011 The message mania has grown a lot during the past few years and has gone clearly out of control. Gone are the days when one would walk to the nearest store and actually put in effort to buy a dear one a cord based on his choice.

IS women’s fiction still the bestseller?

By: Jane Rosenthal | Sep 23, 2011 The idea that all women are romantics and no men are is one of the biggest misconceptions. As with any other attitude, desire, or practice, people are individuals.

Romantic suspense a woman fiction

By: Jane Rosenthal | Aug 13, 2011 Chick lits are hugely different from romantic novels. While romantic novels focus on the relationship between the male and female protagonists of the story, a chick lit’s prime focus is the female protagonist.

The Tyger: By William Blake

By: Chris Man | Jul 8, 2011 "The Tyger" is known as one of best works of English poet William Blake. Blake essentially questions god and his nature, using the tiger as the grounds for his examination. In the first quatrain, the line "what immortal hand or eye could frame thy fearful symmetry?" refers to what god would create such a creature both good and evil? All of the further stanzas ask similar questions which reinforce

Doctor Seuss Poems

By: Mark Su | Jun 8, 2011 Doctor Seuss Poems - If you love Doctor Seuss and want to read Dr Seuss Poems then you come the right place. Here you'll find best Poems by Doctor. Seuss:

Farewell Quotes for Colleagues

By: Green Bella | May 20, 2011 Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy. Norman Vincent Peale
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