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How to have fun at a party without drinking?

By: Ryan K Jones | Aug 21, 2013 This article gives you some important tips about how to have fun at a party without drinking alcohol...

Five Fun Party Themes for Company Christmas Parties

By: Dean Gammell | May 20, 2013 Any company Christmas party will be a lot more fun with certain themes. Party planners and organizers that are tired of using the same old theme year after year can certainly spice it up a bit with these fun Christmas party themes.

Festive Delights and Colors of Singapore

By: stayfareast | Mar 20, 2013 Once referred to as a little red dot, Singapore has proved to be much more than an appellation. Not only is Singapore the melting pot of cultures of people from various countries in Asia, this city also proves to be a commercial cosmopolitan hub. Singapore is a perfect blend of world-class art modern technological developments and multicultural beliefs that enable people to live unique lifestyles

Hen Party Planning and Ideas to Get One Started

By: Dean Gammell | Mar 12, 2013 Hen party planning is not that complicated so long as one knows exactly what the bride-to-be wants. However, since most of these parties are supposedly a surprise for the celebrant, the organizer tends to keep everything “hush hush” until the day of the big event.

How to Go About Planning for a Hen Party

By: Dean Gammell | Mar 5, 2013 Hens tend to look forward to celebrating their last night of freedom mainly because it is one last chance for them to say goodbye to being single. In many countries, it is considered part of tradition. So, any bride-to-be that will be tying the knot soon gets to party one last time with her closest girlfriends before the big day.

Have Fun Shoping Online For Your Next Costume Party

By: chickie maxwell | Feb 26, 2013 Just about everyone knows a family that seems to take Halloween a little bit more seriously than the rest of us. Maybe they go all out by decorating their home like a scene out of a horror movie or maybe they just seem to have the most extravagant costumes of all. If you have ever wondered what their secret was, it may be something as simple as knowing the right costume supply store to shop at in

Dance Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

By: Lokesh Saini | Oct 1, 2012 A Birthday party for the child is almost always fun and also the best parties are full of great food, friends, cake , and plenty of activities for the children to enjoy.

No More Off-Peak Hours with Door Hangers for Bars

By: Aunindita Bhatia | Jun 9, 2012 Sometimes all you need are effective marketing tools and strategies to get more customers and patrons to frequent your nightclub.

Get the Dolce Vita Sandals; get the best fashionable look!

By: drin team | May 31, 2012 Other trends for flats footwear are the funky flat shoes. Well, flat, doesn’t necessary means comfortable or elegant (it means but not only). The flat shoes could be funky, and sexy, and cute – whatever you need and like. And there are so many extremely unique funky flats out there.

Cape Town Like You've Never Seen it Before

By: Fist Car Rental | May 22, 2012 15 Lucky DStv Subscriber Challenge winners and media will be whisked away on an awesome cultural tour of Cape Town from Thursday to Sunday 24-27 May 2012.
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