Top Pakistani Dramas Websites 2013

By: Yunas Online | Jan 10, 2014 There are many women that are just taking extra interest in the television serials because they have nothing else to do in their life. So far there are many women that are found to be so extra crazy about the dramas that they even watch the episodes in the repeat telecast as well. T

Hollywood Films and Their Promotional Tactics

By: Chetan Mahore | Nov 22, 2013 Why take the conventional way when you can carve your own niche! Your style is your statement. Choose it with conviction.

Emerging Trends of Bollywood

By: Chetan Mahore | Nov 19, 2013 Who ruined your relationship? The movies or well, the movies! Prince Charming, Mr. Perfect, Mr. Right, Perfect Partners are all the highly romantic terms used with a wider acceptance when it comes to women, especially young teenage women. This comes with the strong belief in the institution of marriage in a country like India which further intensifies the concept!

Dubbing, Subtitling or Lectoring? Historical, economic and cultural reasons behind European countries' choices

By: Patricia de Hemricourt | Aug 22, 2013 When travelling in Europe, watching T can be a rather amusing, and sometimes frustrating, experience. Hearing the jingle of your favorite telenovela and smiling n expectation of the opportunity to sit back and feel at home might lead to a sore disappointment. Chances are the local version has been dubbed and familiar character suddenly speak German, Spanish or Italian. They have been dubbed. In ot

Panasonic LCD TV- The Best Watching Experience You Ever Get!

By: Vksahu | Jul 19, 2013 When one goes hunting for the best electronics, such as a television they come across various models and different kinds of varieties present in the market. This makes it hard for you to choose which one is best for you. The tube style TVs have completely gone out of fashion and are currently replaced by LCD TVs or plasmas. Knowing the advantages of an LCD TV however could make it easier for a per

Tips for Plasma TV Repair Cracked Screen

By: Adalyn Maria | Jul 9, 2013 TV repairing includes many jobs. It can demand repairing of screens, blurred picture, blotched display etc. Who can give you the quickest solutions for your Plasma TV Repair for Cracked Screen? Read on below.

Parks and Recreation ‘Jerry’s Retirement’ Review

By: CathyGUnger | May 3, 2013 This was a very funny episode of the show. It was themed around Jerry who was retiring. It was practically his last day at the office

Once Upon a Time ‘Lacey’ Review

By: CathyGUnger | May 3, 2013 This episode of the show may not have gone the way fans would have expected with their favorite fairy tale show “Once Upon A Time”.

90210 ‘Strange Brew’ Review

By: Rebecca | Mar 20, 2013 In this episode of 90210, Naomi makes an attempt at getting together with Mark, during their restaurant opening, while Adrianna and Silver cook up conflicting ideas for their food truck, but agree finally on filmmaking.

How Tablet Computer Is the Next Big Thing in Entertainment

By: hexa tv | Mar 13, 2013 The article tells the reader about how tablet computer is emerging as a preferred medium for personal media consumption.
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