Benefits of an Android TV Box

By: hexa tv | Mar 12, 2013 The article states the advantages of using an Android TV box. It describes how an IPTV box eliminates the need of using a computer, tablet or Smartphone for surfing the net.

Online Satellite TV Could Be Right Option

By: Philip Sumpter | Mar 5, 2013 This article taps in to using the web to watch a ton of live and on-demand content which can be used with or without to Satellite TV. More channels are available to add more entertainment which eliminates watching reruns.

Plasma Vs LCD - Which is better?

By: vijaykumar | Feb 22, 2013 There are a number of things you need to consider when deciding to buy a TV. Choosing between the Plasma and the LCD is one of the choices that you may come across. You might want to compare the 42 inch plasma with the best plasma TV in town. While both the TVs may seem to be same on the face of it, there are significant differences between the two. Let’s explore some of these differences.

Digital TV Antenna Installation A Blessing of the Modern Technology

By: Gagan Mahajan | Feb 22, 2013 You need to look out for a TV antenna installer, who can offer you with the best possible services that too at a reasonable price. They are the ones who can conduct the survey and provide you with the detailed analysis on the same. Whether it is your home entertainment system, or video & DVD player, for all your unique requirements you can contact them to get desired solutions.

Satellite DVRs Differ With Each Service Provider

By: Philip Sumpter | Feb 21, 2013 Before choosing a satellite TV provider, one should also learn more about DVRs and decide whether to opt for a free one that generally comes with these services or buy their own. Also, there will be information about another piece of technology that can add another dimension to watching TV.

Colors TV pumps in new life to its shows

By: Camilia Smith | Nov 21, 2012 Colors TV has decided to give its shows some new twists to make them even more entertaining. While Uttaran sees the comeback of Rashmi Desai Sandhu, Bigg Boss will see some interesting wild card entries. To top it all India has Got Talent is all set for a glamorous grand finale.

Purchasing Top Arabic Channels In USA Provides Many Benefits

By: Jenifer Whitmire | Oct 22, 2012 As a result of this more Americans end up watching Arabic TV reports have shown that due to the "no nonsense" broadcasting of the Iraqi war and effective information provided to the people of America more citizens rather made use of Middle Eastern media to update themselves.

Television - A means of Entertainment and Education

By: hariom kumar manglam | Jun 25, 2012 Television has transformed people’s life over past few years. It is often called as a mini world because it is the simplest means of exploring as well as learning new things and innovating ideas. Now it is the requirement of living.

How Does Connected TV Work?

By: Adam Nicolson | Jun 22, 2012 The advance of the Internet has led to many innovations and the improvement in ways that we can communicate and access information. Such advances have been especially evident in home entertainment.

More Facts about Sanjaya Conspiracy | American Idol

By: samo zain | Jun 19, 2012 Well, there's no doubt in Malacar Sanjaya was not the most talented Idol candidate, but I really think he was one of the funniest. Personally, I listen just to see what his hairstyle will be this week, and hopes that it would improve his performance. And millions of viewers agree with me on the recreational value it, as he survived it all the way from page 7. My question is, he did not go further
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