Be a Rock Star with Amazing Rock Star Tattoos

By: Mark Alen | Feb 11, 2013 Tattoos are symbols of rebellion. They represent an antiestablishment sentiment amongst the youth of a certain decade. Over the years it has stayed as a fashion trend but the relation between tattoo and rebellion attitude has not changed.

Tongue Tattoos: Modern Trends of Tattoo Arts

By: Tony Nguyen | Jan 16, 2013 As you may know, tattoo is not rare nowadays. However, there's a style of tattoos that now many people know its exist. That is tongue tattoo. This article brings you some facts about this type of tattoo art.

How Tattoos for Girls Serve Feminism and Beauty

By: Mark Alen | Dec 7, 2012 Tattoos are generally worn by the omen during the olden days. You could rarely find any tattoo inked on the females. Sailors, army men, or bikers usually were tattooed on those days.

Current Tattoo Trends for Women

By: Uphaar Dhunna | Dec 3, 2012 Getting a tattoo is no longer a passion only for the rich and wealthy. The trend is gripping middle class people at an amazing pace. With the advancement in technology the cost for getting a tattoo done has reduced considerably. The process is less cumbersome and a lot safer as compared to a few years ago. The number of people following the trend is on the rise, women making the major portion of

Great tattoos for girls that drive men crazy

By: Mark Alen | Nov 23, 2012 Now days, it is very difficult to find people without tattoos especially the younger generation. Young boys and girls show interest to have tattoos on their body and they go for crazy designs.

Adorn yourself with a back tattoo and see heads turn with envy

By: Mark Alen | Nov 8, 2012 Tattoos have become very popular among this generation of men as well as women. Previously, women had themselves covered up, but nowadays they have started exposing different parts of their bodies and a well drawn tattoo on it helps to enhance the beauty.

Tattoo Machine Kits – Great for Stocking Large Parlors

By: Asher Jones | Oct 16, 2012 Have some new artists joining your shop, or understudies? Tattoo machine kits make it easy to get them outfitted from the get-go. Learn more about why an online national tattoo supply makes restocking easy as pie.

Professional Tattoo Kits – Three Things They Must Have And Some Money Saving Tips

By: Asher Jones | Oct 10, 2012 Learn about three things to demand from professional tattoo kits before you place an order for them and some simple money saving tips for how to find the best deals on professional tattoo kits.

What the Advantages Of Motivational Posters ?

By: AncientEgyptInfo | Jun 19, 2012 Tim suffers from depression. I have dreamed, and Tim is always reason to become an economist. However, a year down the line of Tim feels he is not talented like the others. Analytical skills are weak and it is not strong in quantitative analysis. He was confident that his dream will remain a dream.

Important Considerations on Choosing the Right Tattoo Parlor

By: glenn dixter | May 13, 2012 In the past generations tattoos were restricted and mostly people have wrong thoughts about the tattoos. But today tattoos gained more popularity among the people and there is no negative thought as the past days. Because of this reason there are several tattoo and piercing parlors were introduced throughout the world. Just like the tattoos body piercings were also a way of getting into the fashio
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