Tips for Watercolor Painting

By: Dena Lester | May 30, 2014 Nowadays, various art forms are available to express your emotions within your drawing & painting. Watercolor is a good way to paint something real & natural.

5 Ways to Make Rangoli

By: Jennie Kakkad | Mar 27, 2014 Rangoli is basically a creative design made on the entrances of houses mostly during the time of festivals because of their religious and spiritual significance.

Different Elements Of Art For The Beginners

By: Dena Lester | Mar 8, 2014 Art is something that completely changes the life of the individual. It gives the wings of creativity to an artist making fly high in his creations, moods and tones, like cubism or impressionism, abstract or realism.

The Fundamentals of Poker: The Order of Poker Hands and Its Importance

By: Kain Black | Feb 10, 2014 The most crucial a part of the finding out process of one of many most well known card games called poker is know-how of poker hand rankings. The following report explains poker hands and their correct order.

Cut Out a Pic and Make it into a Gift Item!

By: Atiqur Sumon | Dec 18, 2013 Gifting photo frames is passé. Today with image editing it is possible to gift photos that look like mini sculptures! If you were looking for the next birthday gift this would be a useful idea.

Compatibility Helps Vector Art to be a Useful Application

By: Rokaiya Yeasmin Munni | Dec 11, 2013 Some talented vector artists keep secrets of their work. But some do share them for others. Common to all is the compatibility of this application. And for the rest of the tips read on…

Understanding the Concept of Mirror Effect in Photo Editing

By: Atiqur Sumon | Nov 29, 2013 Our emotions are reflected in pictures. And the same can also be virtually created with the mirror effect. It is a simple process not requiring too many changes in the picture.

Landscape Painting Advise For Watercolor Artists

By: rika san | Oct 29, 2013 One of the greatest tests novices confront with any sort of craftsmanship, is the capability to truly associate with the inventiveness that is within them. It's challenging initially to simply let go and paint from your absolute entirety on oil painting and watercolor paintings.

Art Tips for Glass Painting

By: rika san | Oct 29, 2013 Craft is something which makes you unwind from all the anxiety. Glass painting is one of the fine sorts of modern wall art. Glass painting is executed with oil and hard gum or watercolor and gum on glass sheet.

Retouch a Model Image with Advanced Skin Corrections

By: Rokaiya Yeasmin Munni | Oct 14, 2013 Skin is the largest organ in the human body. And a super model’s skin show will be glared for a longer time than in any other ordinary snap. Hence it should be flawless for the perfect pin up or poster.
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