Learn VFX and make a challenging career in animation industry:

By: Alvin Anderson | May 17, 2013 The current animation industry is using a lot in VFX, so one can go for a career in animation industry and acquired the artistic skills.

Excellent Personalised Gifts on Marriage Anniversary for Your Loved Ones

By: Benny Parker | May 14, 2013 Weddings are made in paradise and eminent on globe. Wedding is the day that does not go down the road of life alone!

Mark Spain Artworks

By: Roger Costa | May 3, 2013 Mark Spain is a contemporary and creative artist from the UK. He is constantly experimenting with different subjects and techniques which are applied from traditional landscapes to dazzling collagraphs. He started paintings at his early age and learned the techniques of easy painting.

The Beautiful Illusion Known as Abstract Art

By: Bob Danner | Apr 18, 2013 More than just a hodgepodge of colors, lines and forms, abstract art represents for most people, the deepest part of them that cannot be expressed in mere words. It also allows them to go slightly beyond themselves to experience another level of consciousness. Read on to learn more about why abstract art is popular and where you can get the best ones.

Professional Presentation Designer – Design Powerful Presentation

By: MarkAkenside | Apr 10, 2013 If you're like most people, you have perhaps been irritated or frustrated with a device than was designed by one from the less brilliant group. Creating a PowerPoint presentation slide necessitates setting up a master slide as a source for the other slides within the presentation. With appropriate design joint with PowerPoint's traits, even the most inexperienced presenter can design influential p

Art of Photoshop Retouching by Cloning by Professional Editors

By: Atiqur Sumon | Apr 3, 2013 Cloning – as the name suggests it is replication of existing image into free space. This is a distinctive feature in image editing as it creates a duplicate with free hand co-ordinate.

To Be Custom Canvas Sneakers Fiend

By: Kelly Willman | Mar 13, 2013 Are you a canvas sneakers fiend, who just can’t get enough of the latest sneakers from Converse or Vans?

Professional Letterhead and Personal Letterhead - What to look for in a Printer

By: Doria Quinn | Feb 7, 2013 Learn more about professional and personal Letterhead printing and more.

Background Whitening - Making the Purest Canvas Behind

By: Atiqur Sumon | Jan 19, 2013 Often some product shots are taken in the studio and the background isn’t that pure white. It will be either off or greyish in scale. Background whitening can be a tiring experience not if you have some knowledge!

Advice on how to showcase your precious memorabilia

By: Ruth Perrelli | Jan 16, 2013 When looking to showcase treasured items such as war medals or sporting memorabilia then you need to have as much information as possible to ensure your items are displayed in a safe way as well as making sure they are displayed to their best advantage.
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