Wacky, weird and wonderful beauty Products

By: George Lockwood | May 12, 2012 Many people, who go beyond using simple beauty products, also use collagen injections to combat wrinkles, but in Japan they’ve come up with a different way of getting the collagen into your system, a method that is less painful than an injection and more satisfying then a cream.

Buying beauty products that are just right for your skin type

By: George Lockwood | May 12, 2012 To begin, it’s important that you have a healthy and regular skin care regime. Think of your skin as the canvas of a painter, you want it to be clear and healthy before you use beauty products that add colour and enhance your assets.

Chemical beauty versus natural beauty

By: George Lockwood | May 11, 2012 We assume that any product on the market has been thoroughly tested and researched and will not pose a threat to our health and well being, however there are some beauty products that don’t necessarily guarantee that they are completely harmless.

Are brand name cosmetics really better than generic discount cosmetics?

By: George Lockwood | May 11, 2012 We want to look beautiful, so we disregard discount cosmetics products, because we imagine that a more expensive eyeliner or lip gloss will make us look better, but it’s not necessarily true.

Can you imagine shaving using a shark tooth?

By: masere12 | May 10, 2012 Are you aware that before the razors came to be, people would use two clam shells to pull their undesired facial hair out? Eventually the method of using objects such as shark teeth and sharpened flint became prevalent. Drawings of these razors can still be found today in some prehistoric caves. There are also still tribes around today that use some of these materials including sharpened flint. Re

The Make-up Mantra

By: Mayank Yadav | May 8, 2012 Make-up, cosmetics and beauty are no new terms of a girl’s life. She lives by these! To help girls here is the list of things you need to complete your make-up kit.

Shopping for discount cosmetics in Brisbane

By: George Lockwood | May 8, 2012 When you arrive in Brisbane though, you will get to notice that there are plenty places for you to shop over there and you can even buy discount cosmetics Brisbane and you will be guaranteed to receive exactly what you pay for when it comes to your goods.

Order your medicines online now

By: Kent Wrotham | May 5, 2012 Sometimes it happens that we do not get all the medicines we require at our neighbourhood store. They say the medicine is either out of stock or it is not available in the market.

Giorgio Armani Beauty now available in Singapore

By: nicole | May 3, 2012 Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder, one of the most popular universal saying. Every one describe beauty in their own unique way. All have a craving to look good, attractive, stylish and gorgeous. Owing to this very reason there is tremendous popularity of natural beauty all over the world.

A Memorable Father's Day Gift is a Click Away

By: Juan Dotson | May 1, 2012 When father's day comes along, all siblings will be heading to the shops to find the perfect present. Sometimes it is hard to buy for dads because when you ask them what they want you get a indecisive answer.
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