Digital photography

IPod Solar Power Charger - Solar Power Charger For iPod

By: miaosmile | Sep 15, 2011 With the fast advancement of digital technologies, the cellphone market place is everyday booming with types of various makes and models. Phones are already required equipment for all us within our cutting-edge communication existence.

Corporate Video Production: Essential for Boosting Your Business

By: Article Manager | Sep 7, 2011 Corporate video production is very important for the company. A well-made video can do wonders for promoting and branding your business. Ensure that you have requisite in-house resources or outsource to a competent company.

Sony SEL16F28 Prime Lens Review for Sony NEX Camera

By: Andrew Suryono | Sep 7, 2011 The SEL16F28 16mm wide angle lens is Sony's first lens produced for their NEX cameras. Its biggest advantage has to be its compactness and low price. Weighing at just 70 grams, you can't help but feel this lens was made specifically for carrying around. And sold at just $249, the SEL16F28 has to be a bargain for both professionals and beginners alike.

Sony SEL18200 Review for Sony NEX Camera

By: Andrew Suryono | Sep 7, 2011 The Sony SEL18200 lens are the lenses for the NEX cameras that are selling like hotcakes in the market today. It's the hottest camera equipment and many photographers are looking for these lenses to attach to their NEX cameras.

Sony 50mm 1.8 – Light and Sharp Indoor Lens

By: Andrew Suryono | Sep 7, 2011 Those are deeply into portrait photography will love the new Sony 50mm 1.8 lens. This lens works perfectly with the Sony Alpha DSLR and will definitely add versatility to anyone's photographic bag of tricks. The lens is built with a Smooth Autofocus Motor, which basically sweetens up the deal. The fixed focal length is pretty good both for beginners and anyone who's been shooting pictures for a while.

Sony 50mm F1.4 Review – Great Investment on a Portrait Slash Sport Lens

By: Andrew Suryono | Sep 7, 2011 The Sony 50mm f1.4 is actually quite a good upgrade to the f1.4 lenses from Minolta and Konica for those who mostly deal with light portrait shooting and sports photos. Many lens review pages have rated this lens quite well with enough people almost raving about it. The price of course is quite a bit steep but you have to understand that you are spending on a high quality prime lens after all.

The In-Depth Sony 70-300 Review

By: Andrew Suryono | Sep 7, 2011 The Sony 70-300 G SSM (SuperSonic Motor) receives only the best praise from all who bought this lens. The G-series or Gold-series lenses are Sony's offering of professional-grade telephoto lenses, and the Sony 70-300 G SSM continues the same brand of excellence that this class of professional-grade lenses offers. Although its price goes a bit on the expensive end (about $899.99), it is well worth the price, and more than makes up for whatever it costs.
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