Are You A SmartRider?

By: dawn harrold | Mar 21, 2011 Equestrians have been estimated to be at a higher risk of injury than participants of other sports. The purpose of this article is to raise awareness of the use of appropriate riding boots, breakaway stirrups and approved helmets. So many kids don't use proper safety equipment because it's not "Cool". If a product saves your life or saves you from being injured, it's definitely worth using that product. Safety should always be top priority for every rider, young and old.

Horse Riding Safety, Fully Embraced

By: Kevin Longworth | Jan 7, 2011 People all over the world have fallen in love with horse riding as a sport and hobby. Riding horses brings people of all ages together due to their universal love for the equestrian lifestyle. Although the fun of the sport is usually the feature that steals the spotlight, the more important aspect of horse riding is doing so safely.

Taking the Reins of Your Equestrian Lifestyle

By: Kevin Longworth | Jan 7, 2011 Owning a horse is a big responsibility. As a good horse owner, you are going to have to take it upon yourself to purchase what you feel is the best horse riding equipment. It is important to get your hands on horse riding equipment that you feel enables you to make the most of your equestrian lifestyle while simultaneously embracing the full spectrum of safety. If you are new to the equestrian way of life, it can be challenging to know what equipment to invest in, so it is best to research the b

Zeroing in on Horse Maintenance and Care

By: Kevin Longworth | Jan 7, 2011 As someone who truly embraces the equestrian lifestyle, one of the most important things to do is make sure that your horse is well cared for. Horse riding is so much more than a sport or hobby. Horse riding embraces a friendship between you and your horse and is highly rooted in your love for animals.

The Selection of Saddles and Horse Tack

By: Kevin Longworth | Jan 7, 2011 It is important to take your riding conditions, experience level, and passion into consideration when browsing the market for saddles and horse tack. There is no question about the importance of the saddle when it comes to horse riding. As one of the most incremental elements, rooting people to their horses and providing comfort and security, there is a lot of decision making when it comes to purchasing a saddle that you feel benefits you and your horse.

Cowboy Vest Buying Guide

By: Michael Rogan | Jan 5, 2011 Here are some quick tips and frugal tricks for finding a great cowboy vest for any occasion that won't put a huge dent in your wallet.

Materials for All-Weather Surfaces

By: Gareth Hoyle | Jan 3, 2011 By carrying out a simple search on one of the major online search engines, you can easily find a number of firms that supply a huge selection of materials for all weather surfaces, with only the highest quality products used for the creation of equestrian surfaces.

Why Horse Rug Washing Is Important for Horse and Rider

By: Noah Back | Dec 21, 2010 Horse rug washing is essential to maintain both the horse's skin health and the long life of a horse rug. A horse rug is a piece of material which is positioned in-between the saddle and the horse's back and sides to protect it from the harsh material on the underside of the saddle as it may scratch or cause the horse or pony irritation or even a skin disorder.

Clothing and Equipment for Riding Horses

By: John Trodey | Dec 20, 2010 Whether you're new to riding or have been riding your whole life, chances are that when it comes to the clothing and other equipment you need for riding, you want to get what you need with no fuss so you can go back to what you love most: riding horses.
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