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Among all the names of footballers linked with Manchester, Arsenal, Scarborough, and Queens Park Rangers, Geoff Horsfield, Andy Cole, Steven George Gerrard, and other footballers are famous not only for their career in football but also their participation in other fields. Some are businessmen or managers. Surprisingly, others worked as writers, trained electricians and even brick-layers or bin-man to supplement their income and support their family.


Geoff Horsfield made his Football League debut with Scarborough as a teenager. He had worked in the building trade as a brick-layer. Horsfield was diagnosed with cancer in October 2008, then he decided to make his illness public to help spread awareness of the disease.



Geoff Horsfield has made over 300 appearances in the Football League as a striker.


Walcott, an English footballer of Arsenal and the England national team as a winger, has launched the first in a series of children's books lately. The books mirror his experiences as a late bloomer in junior football.



Footballer and writer Walcott released a three-part children's series last year


Retired English footballer Andy Cole rapped on a cover of The Gap Band's "Outstanding". He was really different from several other footballers who tried their hand at the singing game. He currently works as a forwards coach at Huddersfield Town.



Andy Cole announced his retirement from football on 11 November 2008.


Brazil legend Socrates is great intelligent. He is a doctor of medicine. He achieved this degree while he was playing professional football.



He was also san excellent assistant and team organizer


Stuart Pearce, nicknamed "Psycho", an English football manager, now manages the England Under -21 team, a position he held while he was still Manchester City manager He was a trained electrician.



Stuart Pearce is now the manager of the England Under -21 team


Terry Venables is a former football player and manager who most notably played for Queens Park Rangers, Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea and bought nightclub Scribes West in Kensington.



Terry Venables has courted controversy over a number of suspicious financial deals for recent years.


Since saying goodbye to the famous No.7 shirt, Eric Cantona has been very busy with his appearances on the stage and in the movies. Especially the literary world would be surprised by his collection of poems.



During his playing career, Eric was unhappy to show off his way with words with the media.


Steve Savidan, a retired French football striker and current minor hockey coach, used to work as a bin-man to supplement his income.



His life is like a fairy story.


Steven George Gerrard, who plays for English Premier League club Liverpool and the England national team, bought into the Warehouse Bresserie in Southport. His dream is to celebrate an England World Cup win back at home in his restaurant.



Gerrard started playing for hometown team Whiston Juniors



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Famous footballers' second jobs

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