Benefits of Having a Personal Home Gym

By: Christa OConner | Mar 21, 2012 If you enjoy working out and staying fit, you've probably are an owner of a gym membership. While gym memberships are great because you can stay fit, meet people who will motivate you to work out, and offer a numerous variety of different exercise equipment, it's not for everyone. A home gym is a perfect alternative.

Your Personal Key to a Healthy Life

By: March Summers | Mar 21, 2012 There has been seen a sudden rise in demand for personal trainers. In order to rejuvenate yourself and be fit, people are hiring personal trainers from Wilmington, Chapel Hill and Raleigh a lot. Few of the best personal trainers are there who ensure that you follow a strict diet ignorant of fatty carbs and junk food.

Running Cadence

By: John Hinds, PT | Mar 20, 2012 Running is a high impact activity that produces relatively high impact forces that must be absorbed and distributed via the joints and muscles of the feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back. Cadence is one of a few variables that can help all runners reduce stress on the body and lower their risk of injury.
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