Women love surprises! But can they be easy on your pocket?

By: Lucky J. | Aug 27, 2013 If you have a girlfriend or a wife, you will relate when I say that ladies are always up surprises! Whether or not they tell you, they love getting sweet surprises from their loved ones. Love, they say is priceless, and you need to keep telling a person how much you care for them, with gifts at times.

Diamond Earring Jackets

By: Angela Lockhart | Aug 26, 2013 Diamond earring jackets are a great way to spice up your jewelry collection. These pretty baubles come in all shapes, sizes, and themes, allowing you to turn any basic earring into something special. Earring jackets are pieces of metal that sit upon the post of an earring.

Importance of jewels has been there since always!

By: Lucky J. | Aug 24, 2013 Women and jewels, go way back. Though there used to be a time when men used to be equally enthusiastic about adorning themselves in the priciest jewels, women have always found a way to be the more glittering competitor in this jewel race.

A Few Facts about Stone Beads

By: Ador Talukdar | Aug 24, 2013 From the time that the first Neanderthal fashioned a piece of rock to a braided hair and hung it around their neck stone beads have been being used for jewelry making. In the beginning the stone beads were made of rocks that were easy to cut and chisel. Sandstone and limestone were likely to be some of the first rocks used to make these items.

Say no to impulsive jewellery shopping

By: Lucky J. | Aug 20, 2013 Shopping for jewellery is something that can bring a broad smile on any woman’s face. At no point of time will you see a lady refusing the offer of going to shop for some ‘sparklers’ for her collection! Setting out for shopping for jewels, one needs to be careful about a couple of things so that they don’t end up making common mistakes!

Use Pandora Style Beads as Hair Accessories

By: Ador Talukdar | Aug 20, 2013 Pandora style beads have larger center holes than many of the bead types so they make perfect pieces to use in hair. You can make tiny little braids out of a few hairs and place the Pandora style beads on the ends of the braids to keep the hair in place. This look was made popular back in the 80's by Bo Derek and it is still a very popular look.

Shapes and Sizes of Beads for Jewelry

By: Ador Talukdar | Aug 17, 2013 Beads for jewelry come in more shapes and sizes than the average person realizes. Beads for jewelry are used to make fashion necklaces and bracelets. Some women who wear plus size clothing buy beads for jewelry to make their fashion accessories with so they can get pieces that fit properly.

Entertain your Children with Number Beads

By: Ador Talukdar | Aug 17, 2013 When you have children you are constantly looking for ways to entertain them. You especially look for ways to entertain them when they have a group of friends over. One way of keeping them busy, and out of mischief, is to buy number beads and cord and allow them to craft bracelets.

Alphabet Beads are not just for Children

By: Ador Talukdar | Aug 17, 2013 There is a good chance that when you were a child you had a bracelet that had alphabet beads on it. Likely the alphabet beads spelled out your name and the cord that they were attached by was black nylon.

Diamond Bracelet: A unique and memorable gift of Love!

By: Lucky J. | Aug 8, 2013 Diamonds are an ultimate token of love. Almost all women, all women love to wear diamonds. No matter what their culture and nationality is. Many of you may have heard the expression
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