Selling Your Gold is Not Too Tough

By: Nick Diamano | Aug 1, 2013 Gold prices are at all times high and can definitely bring you a good profit when you decide to sell some of your scrap jewelry. However, rather going offline, one of the best options you should consider is to sell your valuable items online as many online buyers offer higher rates than any other pawn shops located very near to your place.

Things to keep in mind while purchasing fine diamond jewelry

By: Lucky J. | Jul 31, 2013 Are you planning to buy diamond jewelry? Are you planning to gift your beloved a diamond jewelry piece? If yes, then here are some tips that you need to keep in mind before making the purchase

The Top Five Ways To Clean A Brass Chain

By: Jessica Tang | Jul 23, 2013 One of the most popular mediums to use for making jewelry today for both sexes has to be the brass chain. Made popular for men by the legions of rap and sports stars sporting the heavy gauge lengths, a more delicate version exists for the ladies, usually in the form of necklaces and bracelets.

Gift Three Stone Diamond Rings to your love and explore its hidden gist

By: Oren Ephraim | Jul 16, 2013 Occasions deserves something best of the best for your loved ones. Some people express their love through words while others do so by some materialistic things. But one such thing which makes every woman happy is a Diamond.

Use Different Headpins to Create Different Earrings

By: Huang Wen | Jul 3, 2013 I think there is no need for more introduction about headpins as they are widely used in jewelry making for a long time. And almost all the jewelry makers and jewelry retailers know how to use them, even if they are beginners.

4 Ways can Organza Bags Be Used

By: Huang Wen | Jun 28, 2013 Organza bags is a very magic and useful in jewelry packaging, They can protect your jewelry beads but also can collect beads and classify them in different sharp and color, This article will tell us 4 ways of organza bags' use.

Let buying diamond jewelry add sparkle to you life

By: John Landrum Bryant | Jun 27, 2013 Like all commodities, jewelry is also essential for they signify those special moments.

Jewellery Trends of 2013

By: Zensilver | Jun 21, 2013 Fashion trends come and go. Just like how clothing trends and footwear trends change so do jewellery trends. Women love accessorizing with various types and styles of jewellery. Some trends that are emerging for jewellery in the year 2013 are as follows.

What are the Most Elegant Rings to Wear for Men?

By: nickleon | Jun 3, 2013 Fortunately for the men of today, there are plenty of options when it comes to the designs of accessories that they can wear. A few decades back, the only jewellery item which did not seem to be an eyesore when worn by men are classic rings, wedding rings and formal watches. Today, there are many materials, designs and even colours of jewellery that they can fashionably wear.

How to Choose a Right Venue for Your Special Occasion

By: banquetcenter | May 30, 2013 Certain occasions in the life demands huge celebrations. You probably could have a wedding, an anniversary, a corporate event or any other important occasion forthcoming, no matter what the occasion is, it is important plan and organize things, days and weeks prior to the actual occasion.
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