Paintings or photographs???

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What will you think when you look at these following images? I can make sure that you will agree with me that they are lively photos captured by a talented photographer. However, these images were not taken with a camera but amazingly painted by the hand of a New York artist, Alyssa Monks. These artworks were inspired from Monks's real view about the life, human around her. Let's see her original and creative paintings.

This is not a photograph, but a painting

A painting of a girl standing behind a steamed-up glass

A girl in bikini floats underwater and shows off the engagement ring on her finger

The picture of a man who is taking a swim looks real

Alyssa Monks said that the girl in most of the pictures was herself

Her family and friends also are main characters in her pictures

A boy swims to the surface of a pool in Fish

She really likes drawing aquatic pictures

Alyssa took about 1,000 pictures to be models for her paintings

She always tries to get the paintings as real as possible

Alyssa Monks confirmed that while the camera can not lie, the paintbrush sometimes can


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Paintings or photographs???

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This article was published on 2010/03/19