The Gypsy Cricut And Scrapbooking

By: Nigel Spence | Mar 3, 2012 If you are Scrapbooking, then you need Gypsy Cricut, either at home or on the move, as it is mobile. The Gypsy Cricut offers you in my opinion, the best of both worlds in Scrapbooking, the size can be very deceiving as it comes with a large capacity for allowing your creative juices to flow.

Modern Craftsmanship at Oniricalab Verona

By: albapp | Feb 18, 2012 Oniricafestival will continue to present the city of Verona until the month of June with workshops on sustainable design, modern craftsmanship and alternative, sustainable production processes.

Three Methods for Binding Your Own Scrapbooks

By: Jeff McRitchie | Jan 31, 2012 Scrapbooking has become one of the most popular crafts in the country. It's a great way to preserve your memories, organize and catalog photographs, and possibly create something that can be handed down as a family heirloom. While there are plenty of pre-made scrapbooks available, it can be fun to bind your own since you'll be able to fully customize your book. However, that means you need to deci

Scrapbooking Ideas for the Modern Mom

By: Dave Smith | Nov 8, 2011 Scrapbooking has always been a favorite pastime for new moms and crafty wives. Documenting your child’s early life is very important and as our technology is evolving, so are our options for capturing life’s important moments.

EK Success Punches - A Guide on What Types to Use For All Your Crafting Needs

By: Patricia Gayle | Oct 25, 2011 When looking for a more decorative way in designing your next crafting project, EK Success Punches are great quality products.

How to Construct a Scrapbook in 4 Easy Steps

By: Jeff McRitchie | Oct 25, 2011 Scrapbooking is definitely one of the world's favorite crafts. Scrapbooks offer a way for people to preserve memories, organize and store photographs, and just experience the joy of creating something out of nothing. If you've ever wanted to give this craft a try, you'll be amazed at how easy it is, especially if you use a plastic comb binding machine to bind your book. Here's how to construct a s

How to Create an Attractive Booklet

By: Jeff McRitchie | Oct 25, 2011 Booklets are fun to design and are a great way to share information. They can be used for creative purposes (chapbooks, anthologies), professional communications (company handbooks, marketing brochures), and more. There are a few things you need to do to create an attractive booklet from writing great copy to actually binding it. Let's go through the process so you can create your best booklets ye

Tips For The Scrapbooking Beginner

By: Anna Thomson | Oct 17, 2011 Scrapbooking is a fun hobby for anyone who loves taking pictures and showing them to start another. It is so easy to do, that even a beginner can catch on quickly.

Guide to Finding Quality Craft Products with EK Success

By: Patricia Gayle | Oct 13, 2011 EK Success provides the most high quality craft products whether it is for making a greeting card, making a scrapbook, stamping products, and much more.

Family Tree Binder - Keeping Your Research Organized

By: Jeff McRitchie | Oct 4, 2011 Genealogy is a very popular pastime, especially since there are so many information sources available online in addition to traditional family photo albums, bibles, and so on. Plus, it can be fascinating to put together your family tree and discover your origins. If you're interested in this hobby or if you've been partaking in it for a while, you're probably finding yourself with a lot of loose p
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