Choosing the die-cutting machine that's appropriate for you

By: Lynn Michaels | Sep 22, 2011 If you love scrapbooking and card making, you will probably get to a point where you want to make your own cuts. Choosing a die cutting machine can be daunting if you don't know what to look for. This article will show you how.

The Cricut Gypsy: How a Crafter Can Be Two Places at Once

By: Jane Rucker | Sep 21, 2011 Take your craft designing on the road with the portable, lightweight, easy-to-use Cricut Gypsy!

How to Find the Right Paper for Scrapbooking

By: Dylan Ross | Sep 6, 2011 Are you looking for the right paper for scrapbooking? Although there are different types of paper products available today, not all of them would be suitable for your scrapbook. For example, ordinary paper does not have the right aesthetic qualities. On the other hand, making your own paper is definitely not an option. You need to use ready-made special paper so you can enjoy an easier time cr

Neat Ways to Dress Up Your Scrapbooking Pages

By: Dylan Ross | Sep 6, 2011 If you think that scrapbooking is all about just purchasing papers from the My Minds Eye collection and randomly sticking the pictures onto the scrapbooking pages, you are in for some big news. Most seasoned scrapbooking aficionados know that there is more to scrapbooking than simply putting tape on the back part of the picture and then sticking it on an album. Fortunately, the effort involved in

Bassnectar remixes Sleigh Bells "Run the Heart" from Treats album

By: Troy Coulon | Sep 2, 2011 Detroit gunslinger, Troy Coulon is happy to not brainstorm, grouch Dubious luxury of normal men not for 28 year old retirees with awesome remixed choruses

Binding a Book at Home - A Totally Simple Method

By: Jeff McRitchie | Sep 1, 2011 Although binding a book at home sounds like it could be difficult - and expensive - it's really not if you have the right equipment and supplies. One of the most simple ways to do this is by using a plastic comb binding machine. This article will provide you with a brief introduction to this binding method and then walk you though the simple process of assembling your book. Let's get started!

Techniques To Create Better looking Scrapbooks

By: David | Sep 1, 2011 Do you wish you could make better looking scrapbooks? The trick to doing this is to simply ...

Varied Themes for Scrapbook Templates

By: Kathleen Moore | Jul 15, 2011 When you surf the internet nowadays, you can be certain to stumble upon thousands of scrapbook templates that you can select from. Others include a price though most are available for nothing to help individuals who are lighting up their love for the hobby.

Tips That Every Scrapbooker Needs To Know

By: adam | Jul 14, 2011 Do you love to scrapbook? Do you know what some of the most important things about scrapbooking are?

Scrapbook Design Ideas For Baby Showers

By: Kathleen Moore | Jul 13, 2011 For any new parent who gets to greet a new child in their home, it would be as special as getting married. It only takes some of those exceptional memories that actually take us away as if we are transporting back in past times to experience again every single occasion we think of as priceless. Using the activities that you would do with your baby up until the little angel grows up can be found th
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