Scuba Diving

The Possible Health Risks Posed To Frequent Scuba Divers

By: Ethan Han | Nov 7, 2013 Many scuba divers need to be aware that there are health risks that can come from scuba diving. It is important to educate yourself of the risks before diving so that you can prevent the risks associated with a dive.

Scuba Diving Regulations: Don't Dive If You Have These Medical Conditions

By: Joshua Teh | Jul 20, 2013 Most people should have no trouble enjoying a scuba dive trip. Unfortunately, some people will not qualify due to a medical condition. When faced with a condition, one should not attempt to dive as it can result in serious injury or death.

Dive Deep with PADI Certification

By: John | Jun 28, 2012 It is recommendable that hundreds of students and members have appreciated the programs that offer scuba diving lessons in the organization provided by expert trainers.

UAE could become leading destination for scuba diving holidays

By: Jhon Mikel | May 24, 2012 With 1,500 luxury boats and yachts rented or sold in the United Arab Emirates and a stable tourism industry, the region could soon become a hot spot for marine leisure and real estate, and a destination for travellers looking for scuba diving holidays.

Oman offers cave diving and other scuba diving holiday options

By: Jhon Mikel | May 20, 2012 Travellers seeking adventure during their scuba diving holidays will find cave treks, colourful coral reefs, exciting vertical limits, and breathtaking sea turtle reserves in the Arab country of Oman and its Middle East borders.

Swim Footwear for teenagers

By: Sasha Pralica | May 16, 2012 Kids, specifically during their summer vacations would like to go swimming as much as the mums and dads normally would permit them to. In spite of this, their security in the water is not the only issue which many folks worry about, not even their risks of having skin area health problems because of the sun because they can easily be eliminated by purchasing sunscreen and being dressed in some Ult

Mother Nature hails Maldives as top destination for scuba diving holidays

By: Jhon Mikel | May 16, 2012 Thanks to the wonders of Mother Nature, the Maldives is fast becoming one of the most popular destinations for scuba diving holidays but divers had better book their trips soon as rising sea levels could see the islands underwater over the next 100 years.

A diving guide for new divers

By: winston jenkins | May 11, 2012 If you planning to dive head on into the water, you must make sure to take all the required diving lessons in advance. It is important that you prepare before diving yourself in a totally different environment.

Basics of Diving Equipment in Florida Keys

By: winston jenkins | May 11, 2012 There are many who decide to pick up scuba diving as a long term hobby, for which most people generally consider buying their own diving equipment in Florida Keys.

Get to know more about diving instructions

By: winston jenkins | May 11, 2012 Underwater explorations always look fascinating. Such explorations are not just pleasing to the eye, but gives goosebumps as well. You gave it a thought to try it out, but suddenly backed out due to fear of water or danger involved.
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