Scuba Diving

PADI Openwater Dive Courses

By: Sara Shepard | Feb 23, 2012 PADI openwater dive courses are a great way to enjoy diving and to learn about how to go about it.

Scuba gear a must for scuba diving

By: Saima Triphor | Feb 22, 2012 Scuba diving can give the diver the ultimate thrilling experience of his life only when he follows all the rules and regulations of both diving and as well as the gear.

Life saving dive gear

By: Tanzania Scott | Feb 21, 2012 The process involved in making of such diving gears is very complex as it involves lot of tools and equipments which ultimately ensure the divers safety.

Spend your time at Phuket and relish the memorable moments eternally

By: gordan jane | Feb 15, 2012 Many of us dream to observe the underwater life closely enough to witness the splendor which is there at the bottom of the sea. If that is what you are coveting to do in the near future, then come to Phuket and get thunderstruck with the nautical life of Phuket. This place is full of exhilarating things to see and do. Almost anything a visitor could think of experiencing is available at Phuket. Th

Make your dream about a wonderful vacation come true

By: gordan jane | Feb 15, 2012 One of the Asia’s most talked about country these days is Thailand. It is well-liked and admired by the tourists because of the striking escapades which it proffers to the visitors within the stunning natural surroundings, which are mesmerizing in the true sense.

Aqua lung- about the company

By: Saima Triphor | Feb 15, 2012 This article discusses about the company and the various kinds of products it makes. It also talks about the after sale services of the company.

Find out The Destinations That Provides The best Surf Camp

By: Diosa Marie Lopez | Feb 13, 2012 Surf holidays are now more well-known that even, and can be a better way to spend your free time? Considering the development of the sports activity the surf business has considered an increase in holiday makers, and surf travel organizations since the time of early 2000. Surf camps are a fantastic approach to have an intensive period of teaching in a short duration. Head off in an exotic place,

Discover the Mesmerizing Underwater World with Scuba Diving

By: Diving Locker | Jan 30, 2012 Scuba diving is one of the most admired and most sought after adventure sports of all time. There are several people who prefer scuba diving than any other sport.

The Basics in Diving Equipment

By: Chickie Maxwell | Jan 13, 2012 The world of Scuba diving includes a vast amount of different types of diving equipment. If you’re a novice diver, some of the equipment pieces may seem foreign to you. Each item is important, though, as diving equipment is typically designed with the diver’s safety in mind. Understanding how the different pieces are used is a first step in getting acquainted with the art of the Scuba diver.

What to consider when choosing summer swim camps for children

By: Sharen Turney | Jan 3, 2012 Choosing to send the child to one of the many different summer swim camps is a very important decision.
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