Self Defense

Some Important Bug Out Bag Essentials To Include In Your Survival Kit

By: Nate K | Feb 4, 2013 Have you ever wondered what you would do in the event a natural disaster forced you and your family to evacuate your home? This article lists some important items to include in your survival kits.

Art of Climbing, Basics and Technique Used While Doing So!!

By: Stuart Owens | Apr 30, 2012 Apart from all these movies, there are entertainment programs as well which people who climb on top of the a building trying to balance on a rope that is tied from one building to the other, most reality show portray various kinds of climbing and the people who participate, we find them doing it with all excitement.

The Proper Approach to Self Defense

By: Jared Lil | Apr 21, 2012 At no point in a violent situation should the roles change and victim become the aggressor. Incorporate some type of self defense Martial arts training to provide the necessary skills to react instinctively in a violent situation.

Pepper spray – means to self defend

By: Metro SelfDefense | Mar 8, 2012 Danger surrounds us everywhere, accidents, thefts; assaults have all become common these days. These things take place not only when we step out of our house, but it also happens inside our home. So it becomes all the more necessary, presently, to protect our selves from these so called attackers.

Personal Safety and Self Defense Products

By: Metro SelfDefense | Mar 8, 2012 All of us are not ministers, or high society people, who will have a black cat or body guard to protect all the time, so it becomes necessary for us to have our personal safety. Human safety and security has become a rising paradigm to understand the worldwide vulnerabilities, whose exponents challenge the conventional notion.

For premier self defence training then contact Premier Self Defence

By: Jessica Thomson | Mar 4, 2012 Premier Self Defence is a leading London-based training school that provides all participants with practical self defence training and personal awareness. If you’ve either fallen victim of such a crime, or would simply like to undertake self defence training to boost your confidence Premier Self Defence can help. Here at Premier Self Defence we are passionate about promoting safety. Our self def

Muhammed Ali - A Living Legend of Boxing, Philanthropy and Social Activism

By: Mark Dwayne | Feb 14, 2012 Ali came from a middle class family and was raised in Louisville, Kentucky. Do you want to know how he landed to boxing? When he was twelve years old, his new bicycle got stolen. That was the incident that motivated him to learn boxing.

Girls Self Defense

By: Joakim Andersson | Dec 11, 2011 Do you feel unsafe when walking the streets? You are not at ease when walking home at night because of the fear of assault? Read on and learn what you can do in order to feel and to be safer in the street. Learning self defense will a lot to improve your safety and to give you peace of mind.

Top Two Urban Survival Knives

By: Fred D George | Sep 20, 2011 When the world turns upside down, you want a knife that you can depend on in a pinch. In this article I will discuss two proven survival knives that you can depend on when things go wrong.

Self Defense Weapons are a Must!

By: Kim Lesko | Aug 26, 2011 If you haven't purchased you or a loved one any self defense weapons you really should take the time and get one.
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