Self Defense

Surprise your attacker by using a Personal Alarm

By: Kim Lesko | Aug 17, 2011 Personal alarms are under-rated; however they make a great protection tool. Because of their sizing and easy compatibility your attacker will be taken by surprise when you sound the alarm.

Which Self Defense Weapon is right for me?

By: Kim Lesko | Aug 15, 2011 Stun guns also come in disguisable styles all of which are very compact and easily carried. Lipstick Stun guns come with 950,000 volts of power yet they are only 3" tall! You can put them in your jean pocket! The PRETENDER stun gun with an impressive 4.5 Million Volts is another great item. This stun gun looks just like a cell phone, you can have this in your hand and no one would be the wiser!

Some Of The Things Wrong With Classical Karate Training

By: Al Case | Aug 3, 2011 Karate is one of the greatest arts, but instructors are teaching it wrong. Here's one example.

Self Defense for Seniors – Step 1: Know Where to Buy Pepper Spray

By: Carl Vouer | Aug 2, 2011 Seniors are not able to defend themselves as easily as their younger counterparts. For this very reason they make non-lethal self-defense products. Pepper spray is perhaps the most effective of these products.

Self Defense Sprays are a great weapon!

By: Kim Lesko | Jul 16, 2011 Although many have stated they have kept their pepper spray stored at room temperatures for four to five years, given that pepper spray is a protection device, it is recommended that you replace your pepper spray every one to two years.

Buy yourself some Mace Pepper Spray today!

By: Kim Lesko | Jul 10, 2011 If you have chosen to us Mace Pepper Spray then you have chosen wisely. It will swiftly stop a potential attacker from a comfortable distance.

Pepper Gel or Pepper Spray? Which one is the right one?

By: Kim Lesko | Jul 10, 2011 Which one should you choose? Pepper Gel or Pepper Spray? They both have the active ingredient Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) a derivative of cayenne pepper

Choosing Self Defense Weapons, which is right for you?

By: Kim Lesko | Jul 9, 2011 Before you venture off and purchase yourself a self defense weapon, think about what your needs are.

What a Weapon! Get yours today

By: Kim Lesko | Jul 9, 2011 The Stun Master Mini Stun Baton is not only powerful but lightweight, small, effective and very dependable!

Self Defense Weapons should be part of your wardrobe

By: Kim Lesko | Jul 5, 2011 In today's world it has regretfully become a necessity for everyone to learn self defense especially women. Attacks that have been reported on women have shown that many of them actually knew their attacker. Given this, it's even more imperative that women pay closer attention to their surroundings and don't take anything for granted.
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