Self Defense

Where Can I Learn Real Self Defense

By: Joakim Andersson | Jul 1, 2011 Do you feel unsafe on the street? Do you sometimes have to pass through rough neighbourhoods? Do you wish there was someway you could protect yourself from violence? Maybe you have tried to answer the question: Where can I learn real self defense?

Don't hesitate when it comes to carrying Self Defense Weapons

By: Kim Lesko | Jun 27, 2011 Don't hesitate in purchasing yourself and your loved ones self defense weapons. It's needed for your protection. Don't wait until it's too late.

Self Defense Weapons - They Will Be Stunning in Operation and Looks

By: Mai Collier | Jun 22, 2011 Would you get a Stun Gun that is red or blue? How about a pink cell phone stun gun. A Taser will have all those colours plus silver. The Lipstick Pepper Spray can come in all those colors. Finally a Personal Alarm that comes in silver, block, pink, inexperienced, pink, blue and white. Perhaps you'd need one that has additional than one color. Stunning would you say?

Self Defense Products. They are all Good!

By: Kim Lesko | Jun 17, 2011 No matter which you choose to carry, just make sure you are at all times.

Carrying Self Defense Weapons can Alleviate Stress in an Attack Situation

By: Kim Lesko | Jun 8, 2011 There's no need to stress over an attack, carry a self defense weapon. It can and will help you through a bad situation.

TASER Feel the Power!

By: Kim Lesko | Jun 8, 2011 When firing a Taser there is compressed nitrogen that ejects the two probes up to 15 feet!

Self Defense Spray, don't leave home without it

By: Kim Lesko | Jun 6, 2011 Self defense spray is a commonly known form of weaponry and will get the job done if used properly.

Young Women, Dating and Self Defense Weapons

By: Kim Lesko | Jun 3, 2011 In today's society with the vast array of Self Defense Weapons on the market every young women should have one in their pockets.

In these trying times its smart to provide yourself with Self Defense Weapons

By: Kim Lesko | May 24, 2011 In a society that has become out of control, it is a very wise choice to purchase you and your loved ones a self defense weapon.

Take Advantage of the Internet Dojo And Learn Karate Online Free!

By: Al Case | May 22, 2011 A great way to get started, or to augment your training! Learning Karate Online is the way to go!
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