Stunning photographs of wild animals – By Jonathan Griffiths

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Photographer Jonathan Griffiths risked his life as he took these breathtaking shots, just inches from tigers, bears and cougars to capture these unique moments. He captured so close that it looked like the lion was pawing at his lens. To take the following photos, he spent more than 15 months to explore Montana's mountainous terrain in Siberia and faced many dangers at any time. Jonathan said: "At first I was quite nervous being so close to the animals, as I did not know what to expect and they are wild. It's a big adrenaline rush. When you're so close you can see the drool dripping onto their jaws and you can't believe it." Thankfully he survived to show us these wonderful photos.

A Siberian tiger

A lion comes up to Jonathan's camera in the American Rockies

The Siberian tiger seems unfazed by snow on its face

A brown bear is standing to pose

A black leopard bares its teeth



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Stunning photographs of wild animals – By Jonathan Griffiths

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This article was published on 2010/05/19