Cultural Products Help Celebrate ceremonial festivals excellently

By: Jon Hanks | May 10, 2012 Culture is the part and parcel of the any society. Without culture no nation can retain its existence.

"How To Plan For Your Child's Magical Party"

By: P.Ingram | May 4, 2012 Children's parties should be fun filled events but are more often an organisational nightmare for the parent. To make your party less stressful and more memorable for all the children involved how about employing a magician? This not only provides the parent with some stress free time to relax but also engages the children's imaginations through fun, laughter and mystery.

London theatre - a brief exploration of one of the world's most prevailing art forms

By: Hannah Hill | May 1, 2012 This article is about the history of theatre and explores why the art form has endured, maintaining its popularity even to this day. It also explores theatre's prevailing relationship with London, and the stars whose acting talent have been nurtured by the city.

Far-Reaching Rewards of Acting and Singing Classes

By: John Arthur | Apr 24, 2012 In Australia, we don’t only appreciate music and the performing arts, we also love to perform; that’s why the heart of dramatic art, Actors Centre Australia (ACA), continues to celebrate and share the power of performing arts through their full-time, part-time and short courses.

By Marshall T-shirt franklin job interview

By: kennidee | Apr 9, 2012 Franklin and Marshall

Key Factors Behind the Perfect Home Theater Systems

By: Peter Pal Disuja | Apr 4, 2012 Actually as everyone knows TVs do have comparatively tiny screens and lower quality speakers, formatting a movie to fit the screen helps you to get rid of substantial part of picture.

Enrol in a School for Acting, Reap Lifelong Benefits

By: John Arthur | Apr 2, 2012 Performing arts will always survive, no matter how insurmountable the challenges may block its path, because it is passion and life; it comes from within. Those who are born with this talent will always find fulfilment on stage; those who are interested to hone this skill will always seek ways to better themselves.

How to design a Listening room design and Home theater room design

By: richardrives | Mar 28, 2012 Many people dream of having a home theater room with the best of the best audio and picture. They may put a lot of energy into thinking about the perfect sound and picture equipment, but not think very much about the listening room design.

Theater Tickets London

By: Francis | Mar 25, 2012 The West End in London is home to the best theaters in the world, where millions of theatergoers enjoy spectacular performances of plays, musicals and shows each year.

Silent Life - Silent Film Revisited

By: Vlad Kozlov | Mar 22, 2012 The brand new, upcoming silent film “Silent Life” by VladKozlov may not be so new as it seems. The project has been in development since 2005, long before “The Artist”, and went through 4 years of production.
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