Track and field

Begin a new exercise

By: chen | Oct 18, 2011 Running will truly makes feet unsightly, just like this, their legs are not that fine, but it could help legs get burly and beautiful. Maybe you can try use ahead foot to touchdown, some injuries would happen. Maybe we can let heels touch ground first and then sole, it should reduce the press of ankle to avoid be hurt, remember to keep joint of knee bending a little.

Have a Running in the Rainy and You Will Have a New World

By: chen | Oct 18, 2011 We can have outdoor sports when it is fine rain. The air is very refresh when we run after raining. Have a running in the rain we can have a new world and it can drive the tiredness away. Having a good pair of shoes can help you avoid falling down on the smooth road.


By: Kartik Verma | Oct 18, 2011 Mahindra Racing riders Danny Webb and Marcel Schrötter recorded the debutant team’s best ever double point’s result of the season in today’s 125cc Australian Grand Prix.

The Difficult Problem are in front of Runners

By: chen | Oct 15, 2011 You can not avoid to be inquired by car drivers of the direction which to go. You will get praise and encouragement from some of them. Three measures are provided for you to solve the problem of being talked about.

The Excitement of Canadian Mud Racing

By: Gulraiz23 | Oct 14, 2011 More and more, juvenile people and individuals are inclining towards Canadian mud racing with the passage of time. In fact, it has emerged as the hottest trend in all around the Canada and even Europe today.

How TV Cheat Us

By: chen | Oct 14, 2011 The most important thing is to seek the truth of this sport. If you had not done large exercises you would not improve yourself in this sport. People can protect themselves from getting hurt based on their comprehensive abilities.

What Do You Should for Running

By: chen | Oct 12, 2011 We should a good running step by step and you will not want a fast way to accomplish running. The warm sport is not only good for your body but also may avoid hurt from running. Find the best running place and it will bring nice mood for us.

Best Time To Jogging

By: chen | Oct 12, 2011 Warm-up practice is nice for us to increase muscle temperature and also add the oxidizing to muscle in the exercise, recover the muscle's flexibility and sports efficiency to avoiding or decreasing the athletic injury.

The Purpose of the Old People’s Running

By: chen | Oct 3, 2011 As more and more women start to run, records will be refurbished. Runners usually get together after running. The elderly should also participate in sports.

What Are You Feeling about Running with Music

By: chen | Sep 30, 2011 There are some relations between music beats and speed of running. Difernet runners has different running speed and music beats. There are four factors of music have effect on running. Listen to music for runners may bring many benefits.
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